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If Facebook is one of your marketing platforms, WP SociXplode is the answer to reducing your workload, particularly if you get the Pro version.

Posting to ‘OPEN’ FB groups is free but there are hunderds of various groups you can post to in order to promote your offers or websites.


The plugin enables posting from your own website(s). It is not designed for posting content that you found from other sources.

I also thought that it’s a shame that in order to post to Instagram and Twitter, you need to get the Enterprise version.

As WPsociXplode was promoted as a tool to manage Facebook postings (as well as social media platforms Instagram and Twitter), I was kind of excited to get it.

After downloading it, I wasted no time in uploading the plugin into one of my websites.

I didn’t anticipate any of the issues that I would face later …

Exasperating Experience … well, initially…

Issue 1

As soon as I uploaded the plugin, something was off. I didn’t realize it at first but I noticed later on that :

  1. The auto word count (that usually shows at the end of a post) was continuously showing ‘0’ even as I was fervently writing an article.
  2. Images didn’t come on as I tried to ‘Add Media/Images’ into the post.

Sensing something wasn’t quite right, I contacted the WPsociXplode support for help.

The response was that they needed my website’s details including password so they could check what the problem was. WP SociXplode’s support team must have worked on my problem because a day later, I could browse and add content to the website without much issue.

First issue solved.

Issue 2

I thought that was it – that now I’m on the way to getting more traffic for my website using the plugin.

But first I needed to activate the licence key so the plugin could work seamlessly within my website. Watching the video, I try to follow the instructions on how to get this done.

But alas! Another problem – I got a message saying that the “licence key did not match”.

Hmm…where did I go wrong? Looks like another round of seeking help from the WpsociXplode support team.

The support staff eplained that this problem could be due to the CURL and CRON settings in my website – that I need to have them activated for the plugin to work.

Honestly, I’m not familiar with CURL or CRON settings but sought the help from Wealthy Affiliate (WA) where my website is hosted.

So I got the CURL and CRON sorted out with the help from WA support.

Trying a few times to generate the licence key and then incorporating it into the plugin, I finally saw that the plugin was successfully activated in my website.


Now all I have to do is to set up the plugin to work with my Facebook account.

I didn’t plan to use the plugin for my Twitter account because I’m already using another app to auto-post content in my Twitter account.

The next step I needed to take was to create the WP SociXplode app in Facebook so that I could drive trafffic on auto-pilot.

Creating The App in Facebook

As I tried to carry out the Facebook settings, I was faced with another error message …

WPsociXplode review


Again for the third time I submitted a support ticket (by this time, I was thinking I hold the highest number of support tickets sent!) asking for help.

By then, you guessed it – I was getting frustrated with all these issues that I had never anticipated when I first purchased the product.

But I waited for the reply from the support staff and was informed that I had ‘misunderstood’ the instructions and subsequently submitted a wrong URL in the App Domain section in the Facebook platform.

Honestly, my patience was running thin because I did follow the instructions given in the training video on the URL that I should use to create the new FB app.

I think in the midst of my excitement in trying to make the plugin work, I overlook the fact that I needed to fill in my own URL website while creating the app, instead of using WP SociXplode url that I saw in the training video.

I guess I was just too eager to see how this WP SociXplode plugin would work that I didn’t think straight!

I was just thrilled that after a few ‘back and forth trips’ to the support team, the plugin finally works and now it’s just a matter of figuring how to optimize it to work for my website.

I know it seems that I’ve started with the wrong foot, but my subsequent experience with the WP SociXplode plugin is really a far cry from my initial hiccups. And to be fair, most of the issues I initially faced were due to my own doing, the biggest being the one where I place the wrong URL (instead of my website’s) while creating the FB app.

wpsocixplode review


Quality of Support

I choose to talk about this first before anything else because this aspect of WP SociXplode is the key to getting the plugin to work for my website.

Recounting my experience with them, I vouch on the timeliness of the replies received on my queries. I usually hear from them regarding my concerns within 24 hours.

The support staff are specific and helpful in their replies and needless to say, patient with me.

Most important to me is getting the plugin to work properly and then determining if this plugin would really bring in more traffic as the creator claimed.

Different Versions

There are three versions to WP SociXplode, each requiring a one-time payment

1. Unlimited Site
Priced at $27. But if you use coupon code $10off you get the Unlimited Site licence for just $17. It’s best to go for the unlimited site licence as the other option limits you to installing the plugin in just one site.
What this allows you to do : Create campaigns for your posts to be posted in your FB pages, groups and/or timeline

2. Pro
Priced at $57.
What this allows you to do :
Use the Traffic Finder and Automation functions. Traffic finder allows you to find more FB pages and groups that you can post to, while Automation allows you to schedule your posts.

However, you can only post to those FB groups you have joined and which allow postings.

WP SociXplode Pro

3. Enterprise
Priced between $77-$97.
What this allows you to do :
This opens the ability to schedule and automate your posts in Instagram and Twitter.

I don’t go for the Enterprise as I’m not using Instagram in any of my campaigns. As for Twitter, I’m already using another effective tool called Social Jukebox, that works great for me.

Posting Content

When posting content to social media sites, there are two broad categories :

  1. Posts from own website
  2. Curated posts/content from other sources

WP SociXplode is designed to take care of posting content from your own websites. So it means it helps you promote your posts and subsequently attract more audience to your website.

I have tried scheduling posts that points directly to my affiliate links and it seems to work as well.

Final Take 


If Facebook is one of your marketing platforms, WP SociXplode is the answer to reducing your workload, particularly if you get the Pro version.

Posting to ‘OPEN’ FB groups is free but there are hunderds of various groups you can post to in order to promote your offers or websites.

We all know the virtues of posting to more pairs of eyes but doing this manually is certainly time-consuming.

Sure, the initial set-up, for instance, in ensuring the groups to join would take time. But with the Pro version, you’d save lots of time.


WP SociXplode enables posting from your own website(s). If you want to post content from other sources, you need to use this code :

<a href=”URL link“>Text link</a>

I also thought that it’s a shame that in order to post to Instagram and Twitter, you need to get the Enterprise version.

Overall though, I thought this plugin is brilliant because I could be promoting my articles, videos or any form of content – as long as they are incorporated into my website. Ultimately, the clicks will transform into visitors to my website(s).

Don’t just take my word for it. You can go ahead and
try WP SociXplode for 14 days FREE!




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