WP 1 Click Traffic – A Review

WP 1 Click Traffic Review
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WP 1 Click is a traffic generation plugin for WordPress sites by Ankur Shukla and Dan Green.

Easy to use and can get you traffic for various posts fast, provided you choose the right keywords to use. It has proven to increase my followers in Facebook pages as well as Twitter. Along with this has increased sales for products that I promote.

It is specifically for WordPress websites. It doesn’t get traffic for Instagram or mass post in Facebook groups.

WP 1 Click Traffic software is not exactly new. It was launched sometime last year but I choose to write a post on it only now after seeing a steady increase in traffic for my websites (as well as followers in my social media accounts).

What is WP 1 Click Traffic?

WP 1 Click Traffic Review

As the name suggests, it is a traffic getting plugin for your WordPress sites, created by Ankur Shukla and Dan Green. The plugin allows you to automate traffic generation from Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

This is my first time purchasing a software from them so I don’t have any precedent products (under their belt) to compare with this one.

In the sales page, it is claimed that by using the plugin, you would be getting high-quality traffic from United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia and many more. (I’m not sure what exactly is meant by ‘quality traffic’. In my opinion ‘quality traffic’ are real people who visit your sites, engage and comment on your post, if they so wish. It doesn’t matter to me which part of the globe they come from)

When I bought the plugin for unlimited sites in September last year, it cost about $20. But now I understand that it’s going for $27.

As with many other JV Zoo products, there are a few upsells, including developers and resellers licences. But I’m not going into greater details on these upsells because I didn’t get any of them.


How WP 1 Click Traffic Work?

Once you download the plugin after you purchase it, you can upload it into your website just like you would with any WP plugin. With the unlimited sites version, you can upload to as many websites as you wish.

For Facebook

Before you can activate and make the plugin work for your sites, you need to create an app in Facebook here.

If you are going to use the plugin for multiple sites, then you need to create the app in Facebook to be used in each of those sites (meaning one app for each site). The reason is each app that you create for individual sites have unique Facebook App ID and App Secret that you need to fill into the websites’ WP 1-Click settings for the software to work properly, in getting you traffic.

For Twitter

When promoting in Twitter, you would have different account to represent the various websites in different niches.

To ensure that your posts are promoted to your (niche) followers in Twitter, you would also need to fill the details as shown below :

For Reddit

Same goes for promotion in Reddit where you need to have separate accounts representing the different websites, before you can promote it in that platform.

I did not make use of this feature in Reddit because I only have 1 Reddit account representing one niche.

WP 1 Click Traffic
You would find this under the WP 1 Click Traffic settings where you need to fill all the neccessary IDs and keys for FB, Reddit and Twitter.

Promoting Content

As I see it, WP 1 Click Traffic eases the promotion of your website content in the three platforms – Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. The bottomline is you need to get content for your blog (whether you write the posts yourself or pay some else to do it for you)

WP 1 Click Traffic is actually similar to another traffic generation tool I’ve used before.

If you are using the WP 1 Click Traffic software, a best practice is to promote the post using the software as soon as you have completed your content.

Generating Traffic – Using Keywords

You know how keywords are always important way before you plan on writing a post. Well, you might need those keywords too while you use WP 1 Click Traffic.

To promote your content, you need to fill in three words in your WP 1 Click dashboad area and the software will work to find posts or comments that contain those keywords.

It will then like/comment on those posts through your Facebook or Twitter account.

Thus prior to writing your content, you would have thought about three keywords which are related to your post.

WP 1 Click Traffic Review
This is how my dashboard looks like. You fill in three keywords related to your post. For the software to generate traffic for you, you need to turn the ‘Get Traffic’ button ON.


The Good

One of the things I like about WP 1 Click Traffic is its ease of use.

You just need to write your post and set your keywords to generate traffic.

What’s great is that it doesn’t only work with your new posts. It works as well with your older posts as long as you set the right keywords.

By ‘right’, I mean you can’t set too specific keywords like ‘Image X review’, for example, because it would be unlikely that there are many people talking about that in Facebook or Twitter.

You want to go for more generic words like ‘How to make money online’ when you are talking about a make money online program, for instance.

Benefits of using WP 1 Click Traffic

  1. Ease of use/setup.
  2. Free Traffic from major social sites – Facebook, Reddit & Twitter.
  3. Increase in traffic to my website, particularly whenever I put up a new post.
  4. Increase in followers for my Facebook pages.
  5. Increase in followers and engagement in my Twitter account.


The Bad

WP 1 Click does not offer Instagram as a platform to generate traffic. So if you are targeting audience from Instagram, this might not work for you.

And again if you have a non-Wordpress website, you cannot make use of the software.

I am happy with what the software has helped me achieve in terms of increase in website traffic, particularly in increasing followers for my Twitter account and Facebook pages.

However, I found something quite odd. I noticed that in Facebook, the traffic generation tend to be skewed towards audience from certain part of the globe – in my case, India, Pakistan.

This doesn’t happen with my Twitter account as the new followers that I get are quite evenly spread.

Comments in Facebook

The auto-comments in Facebook made by the WP 1 Click Traffic on other posts are also strange and sometimes, does not even form a proper sentence.

A consolation is that such comments are very few and certainly negligible.



I am generally happy with the results that WP 1 Click Traffic has given me so far. And I think it’s a great way to get traffic to new posts.

However, as I discussed above, it has its limitations.

Nevertheless, I would recommend it for the reason that it has increased my FB pages and Twitter followers. It could do the same for you.



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