What is Online Sales Pro? Does Is Work?

What is Online Sales Pro? Does It Work?
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Pros: Ready-to-use landing pages in various niches provided.

Cons: Although training on marketing is provided, the focus on social media may not be adequate for a sustainable, successful online business.

Recommendation: Perhaps for those who are into MLM.

When you watch and listen to what’s presented in the Online Sales Pro promotional videos, you would be enticed.

What’s there not to get attracted to? From the videos, you are told that making consistent income online is not as hard as you would imagine it to be. The system is already set up for you and you don’t need to build your own website or dabble in technicalities of owning one.

So making money online is a piece of cake, right? Well, let’s find out …

What is Online Sales Pro?

Online Sales Pro (OSP) is not really new in the Internet world. It first surfaced in 2013 when it was registered under Kitty Vimarie. However, now OSP is associated with Vincent Ortega – you guessed it, a successful Internet marketer.

So he’s the voice behind the OSP promo pages, flashing his fancy car (and his wife’s) and making those vacation trips you can only envy. Ortega is also known for his product, Traffic Authority.

Generally, OSP is presented as an effective system for generating leads.

To me, the words generating leads are indicative that this system is designed for those in the multi-level marketing (MLM) business.

I’m not a fan of MLM, for reasons you can find at the end of this post. 

what is online sales pro

What Is In the System?

The system offers resources and training to help you generate leads for your business. These include :

  • Over 500 landing pages in various niches
  • Sales and social media training
  • Sales Funnel
  • Auto Responder
  • Custom Domains
  • Client Support
  • An app to manage your account

How Much OSP Costs ?

If you feel that MLM is for you and you want to try this system, you can start using OSP for free. However, this is only for the first seven days, after which you will be charged a monthly fee of $37.

Your monthly fee would be reduced if you were to sign up for the yearly membership of $294.

How Does Online Sales Pro Work?

There is an affiliate program associated with OSP, meaning that if you sell the system, you are in for a commission of $20 per month as long as that sign-up remains a member in OSP. In this respect, it seems not a bad program to join, considering that you have the potential of making recurring income.

In addition to this, you might have other products/services that you could market to your downline and earn further income.

Logically speaking though, it’s best that you market products in a related niche.

Is Online Sales Pro a Scam?

As I see it, OSP is not a scam. It is a platform which can probably be useful to those in the MLM business.

As the system is already set up, you can focus on the marketing aspect of your business – and getting more leads.

Learning about OSP, I find there are similarities with My Lead System Pro (MLSP), which is also focused on generating leads, particularly in the network marketing business. I believe the slight difference is that the compensation system in MLSP is less straighforward as compared to OSP.

My Final Take

I won’t totally label OSP as a scam but I do have reservations as I am not into MLM business.

A main reason I don’t favor MLM is that most of the time, the uplines (upper levels of the MLM tiers) make the most money while the downlines sometimes struggle to get leads. If your upline is enthusiastic about your mutual success, then all’s well and good because you might get the support that you need. If not, it can become like a situation of ‘hide-n-seek’ with your upline.

While the provision of those many landing pages can be enticing, it is ultimately the marketing that determines your success in the business. Issues such as how you get people to know and understand your business, how to attract them into your business are important to drive you forward. Would the training in OSP be sufficient to provide you with the knowledge to sustain your business?

Sure you have all those pre-loaded content on your lead pages, but my question is : wouldn’t there be some duplication at the end of the day as someone else use that same lead page?


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