How Does Empowr Work?

How Does Empowr Work?
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Earnings can be accumulated by engaging in simple tasks such as uploading and sharing posts.


Unlike in affiliate marketing where you earn commissions directly once you make a sale, Empowr is based on a more complicated system where your earnings are revenues and not profits you can easily cash out.

Your profits are calculated by the system, depending on the activities that you engage in Empowr and are only available to be cashed out after three months.


I was introduced to social media community, Empowr (without the ‘e’), by a LinkedIn acquaintance.

Just to emphasize, this is not to be mistaken for Empower Network (by David Wood and David Sharpe), the blogging platform.

I tried to find out more about Empowr but realized that there are very few reviews out there that would help to determine if it could really be a reliable source of online income.

So in order to find out how Empowr really works, I signed up and have since been watching the training videos and trying out the different features provided.

What did I find?

Well, read on as what you are about to find out might help you decide if Empowr is something that you want to try.

How Does Empowr Work

What is Empowr?

After using Empowr for several days, I found out that it is not a totally new company. Created by Michael Pousti and Brandie Williams, it was known previously as Fanbox.

From the image above, you can see that Empowr claims to be a company committed to democracy and aims to share 97 percent of its revenue with members.

Through the training videos, I understood that Empowr is a social community where you build your circle of trust (comprising other members) and make money through posting, sharing other members’ posts, selling items and bidding on products others have put on sale.

For each of the task, you have a daily goal to meet and the system will tell you if you have reached those goals. Your account would indicate the earnings you achieve as you meet those goals but don’t set your hopes up high because these earnings are not really tangible commissions like you would get in affiliate marketing. Specifically, your earnings are revenues rather than profits/commissions.

Below is my Empowr balance, a few days after being in Empowr.



You can post on almost anything (although I haven’t seen any ‘adult’ or X-rated postings by members, so far). I tried to post my website link but was prompted with “Is it relevant or spam”, so I abandoned the idea.


Liking someone else’s post is equivalent to sharing and it’s encouraged as a way to support others in the community.


You can make money by selling your own products or items that you no longer need. I was unclear on the shipping arrangements for selling such products. So I sent a query to my ‘Empowr Coach’ but received no reply. Hmm ….

Bidding or Sponsoring

This means you could either buy or bid for an item and put it up for sale again for a profit. I ended up buying a gardening tool that I placed for bidding again because I don’t have a garden in the first place. I believe I made a few cents of profit from that ‘sponsoring’.

The idea of sponsoring is to allow you to re-sell an item you don’t need, for a profit. Empowr claims that you don’t have to worry about the prices of the items for sponsoring as the system ensures that you gain a profit once an item is placed as a sponsored product.

Forms of Support

While you can refer to the training videos to find your way around the platform and learning to ‘optimize’ your membership, you can also send queries to  the coach assigned to you.

Empowr allows you to switch your coach if the information he/she provided is not to your expectations

I won’t bother changing mine…..


Other Terms/Features


You can withdraw your earnings through ‘matured’ cash out or ‘early’ cash out. Matured cash outs are unspent profits that have matured for 90 days after they were first generated.

According to one video, sometimes Empowr receives more revenue than it expects. So early cash outs is a way of sharing this revenue with its members (purportedly so as to achieve its goal of returning 97 percent of revenue to members).

There are however a few conditions set before you can make an early cash out, one of which is the validation of account. This is done through providing Empowr with your credit card or Paypal details.

I have not provided my card or Paypal details to date, for reasons you’ll find out below.

Power Up

There are different ‘Power levels’ which defines the rate at which you can advertise and earn. The higher the power level, the more you can potentially earn, so Empowr claims.

When you first joined, you are given the Basic Orange Level for free for a month. You can choose to power up, but there are costs involved and it starts at $6 per month for the Orange Basic to a whopping $60,000 per month for the Teal Star Level! What?!

Empowr Power Level


My Take

After finding my way around Empowr for a few days now, I still feel there are quite a number of issues I can’t wrap my head around.

I have noticed that I get $0.60 to $2.00 just for posting into my feed but I don’t understand how Empowr arrived at those numbers.

I also don’t see the value in ‘posting anything’ just for the sake of getting compensated for it.

Although Empowr claims to work out a product’s price such that you make money through ‘Sponsoring’, I didn’t really understand how much I made by bidding and re-selling any product.


I have received two notices to validate my account. Now this validation is claimed to be necessary if I want my account to be ‘protected’.

Empower Validation

Don’t worry. I have chosen NOT to validate because through my research on this program, I found that some members have to part with money for advertising credits (the calculation of which is a mystery), owing to them providing their card details. Most don’t understand why they had to pay the amount claimed.

If I were to put money for advertising or promotion, I would rather do it in Facebook or Twitter. The calculations are clear and I can monitor my campaigns to determine if they’re successful.

Besides, if I do have unspent profits, why do I have to wait three months to cash out?


Thus far, as hard as I tried, I have yet to find Empowr members who have made real money from this platform. None!

So would I recommend it to anyone. Honestly, if you are curious and just want to have fun posting stuff or see what Empowr is all about, go ahead and check out their website.

However, let me warn you – Do NOT provide any credit card or Paypal details, unless you are really certain on how Empowr calculation system works … or you might regret it.




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