What is 30 Minute Commissions? Is It Worth Getting?

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Price : $14.95 (The price that I paid for)

Pros : PDF format ‘blueprint’presented in simple, clear English. Raj recommends that you buy the product you wish to promote so you have the genuine first hand experience before marketing it to others.

Cons : Touted as an affiliate marketing method (also suitable for newbies) that can work without website, list, blogging or SEO experience. The method discussed is not new and would surely require more than 30 minutes to implement, particularly for newbies.

Recommendation : Your money can be better spent elsewhere.


What is 30 Minute Commissions?

This is a PDF-format training course by Raj Sidhu.

I was curious about what the product is all about. I had guessed that the training might teach you some cool techniques in generating commissions from your offers. But I was wondering how anyone can see money coming in with just 30 minutes of work.

In a way, I was right.

The course was touted as something you should get if you want to see yourself making money online with just 30 minutes of work.

Going through more thoroughly into the PDF material however, I realize there are no special tools involved.

Only one marketing technique that purportedly would help you make money in half an hour was presented.

what is 30 minute commissions

30 Minute Commissions – Content

I won’t go too much into details of the content because I honestly believe that there’s nothing new taught in Raj’s ‘blueprint’.

I believe what’s important is the technique/method taught in the training … because this is the reason why I bought the product to learn how Raj does his marketing such that he needs only to spend 30 minutes to see results … as he claimed.

What Is The Method?

In a nutshell, the method involves :

  1. Being an affiliate marketer and choosing the product you want to promote (Basic information such as how to discver affiliate networks and how to join)
  2. Request for approval from product owners (if applicable)
  3. Writing the copy for your promotion
  4. Market in Facebook

Marketing in Facebook

Prior to promoting a product, Raj reckon that you be-friend people interested in the niche you have chosen.

But how do you find people interested in your chosen niche.

According to the training, if, for instance, you have chosen the ‘make money online’ niche, find someone of authority in that niche. Check out the ‘authority’ person’s page and take note of his friends in Facebook. Once you identify those ‘friends’, you subsequently send friend request to those people because chances are they are interested in the ‘make money online’ niche.

Raj suggests that you spend 20 minutes finding people to send friend requests to and then engaging with them by liking or sharing their posts and commenting on what they share.

One thing I have to agree with Raj is that you don’t immediately try to sell your Facebook ‘friends’ whatever you are promoting. They would get turned off.

Here’s a Better Way to Promote in Facebook

The Next 10 Minutes

The next 10 minutes is where you apply Raj’s S.D.P.S method – Story, Discovery, Proof and Sell.

Basically what this means is to tell (story-telling) your audience a problem that you encountered (for instance, in the make money online niche, your problem could be traffic generation).

You then share with them your discovery of a product or tool you have used that has helped you with the problem.

Next you provide them proof of how the product/tool has helped you.

Finally, you sell to your audience what you have to offer.

This is the part that I was disappointed because really, there isn’t anything new in this ‘method’.



Is 30 Minutes Commissions a Scam ?

The product is definitely NOT a scam.

It’s just a training course that’s not worth its price of about $15. IIn my opinion, it should be given out for free, like when you trying to create a list or something.

Sure the method claims you don’t need experience or blog and the traffic can be obtained for free.

But to execute what’s recommended in the course, you would definitely need more than 30 minutes each day.

Besides, the information provided is nothing new – you can probably find it if you Google it.

I find a more effective way is to promote your offers through niche groups and you can even automate it.

Find Out How Here!


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