Ultimate Traffic Machine Review – Why You Should Read This?

Ultimate Traffic Machine
  • 3/10
    Overall - 3/10


Pros: The actual course is captured in four videos that range from eight to less than 12 minutes – good for my short attention span.

Cons: A lot of hype on benefits of generating traffic through solo ads. Much of the projected results are based on assumptions on conversions and click-throughs but no details are provided on what makes a successful solo ad – an essential part of this traffic-generating method.

Recommendation: Not recommended particularly if you are new to Internet marketing or solo ads. (For effective tips on getting traffic, go HERE).


What Ultimate Traffic Machine is About?

Ultimate Traffic Machine (UTM) is a traffic-generating course that focuses on only one traffic source – solo ads. Such ads can be your source of traffic but executing it (with resultant profits) is certainly not as straightforward as the course makes it out to be.

Ultimate Traffic Machine Review

Let’s Backtrack … Solo Ads

Briefly, solo ads involve using someone else’s subscribers’ list to send emails, the purpose of which is to promote your offers, create/increase your own list OR both.

Using someone’s email list certainly doesn’t come free and just like PPC (pay per click), it’s best that you know what you are in for before investing your money into it.

Now, the training course comes in four videos :

  1. Intro
  2. PPL (pay per lead) method
  3. Traffic Broker method
  4. The map to five figures

Video 1

An introduction to the whole course – what the system is about, traffic automation as well as action plans and goals.

Video 2

Essentially, this module centers on driving traffic using solo ads to squeeze pages that promote your affiliate offers.

There is no introductory explanation on what solo ads are or how to go about starting your traffic-generating efforts using this method. Thus by all accounts, if you are new to Internet marketing or to solo ads, UTM is NOT going to help you understand nor execute solo ads optimally.

Using Excel spreadsheet, Edward Latto, one of the product creators, explains how to leverage on your investment of solo ads with an initial investment of $500 for 1000 clicks.

Although the scenario is that you invest $500 to get 1000 clicks, it is assumed that the solo ad seller is giving you 10 percent ‘over-delivery’ meaning instead of just 1000 clicks, you are getting (10 percent x 1000) = 1100 clicks (100 clicks more).

At an assumed conversion rate of 40 percent, 440 out of those 1100 emails sent will opt into your initial offer. This leaves you with 660 (1100 – 440) exit clicks.

What can you do with the 660 exit clicks? This is when Latto suggest to send them to PPL (pay per lead) program so you monetize the clicks.

Video 3

Another suggestion on what can be done with the exit clicks is to sell them as solo ads, at $0.50 each as given in the example.

Video 4

This module talks about using solo ads to point to a sales funnel with front-end products and various one-time-offers.

The strategy is common in Internet marketing that I’m sure you have come across it.


Final Take

I feel one of the main problems about this course is that it claims to be newbie-friendly when it doesn’t even go through the basics of solo ads.

As I watch the training videos, I couldn’t help but felt as if I was in some Math class focusing on topic of Probability … and assumptions.

The issues I have with this course :

  1. The examples are based on the assumption that each of those 1100 recipients of the email are going to open the email and start clicking on the link. Take me for instance, when I do open an email (out of curiosity) but realize that it’s some lame sales pitch, I delete the email without bothering to find out what the link is about.
  2. You need email swipe to do solo ads. No tips were given on what makes an effective, engaging email – the kind that entice recipients to click on your link(s).
  3. Some links to start buying solo adds were provided but I believe it’s ultimately your trial and error that determines if a seller can be trusted with your offers.
  4. Few upsells that claim to help you bring your solo ads promotion to the next level.


Overall, I don’t see the value of this product other than lessons on projected (assumed) successes. To me, it isn’t a training on a traffic method but more on leveraging on solo ads. But how can you leverage with success if you don’t have solid fundamentals on solo ads?

If you are thinking of giving this product a go, allow me to pull you away from it…


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