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I never thought I need a paid keyword research tool. After all, many ARE free and available for use. As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, I also gain access to the free Keyword Research Tool provided within the members’ area. In the Jaaxy keyword tool review here, let me explain why I decided to use a paid one.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Jaaxy Keyword Tool ReviewAs you expand your website and increase your content, time is not always on your side. I appreciate that keyword research is a priority before creating any post/pages but I want to be able to spend less time on keyword research and channel more time instead to actual writing of my articles, creating content that would pull in more visitors (increase traffic) and truly benefit them.

After all, I believe credibility comes with providing information that is genuinely useful to the reader.

Sure, there are free keywords research tools such as the Wealthy Affiliate free keyword tool and Google Keyword Planner to help us, but the truth is keyword research CAN be time-consuming, for the simple reason that such tools require that we do the search manually. Not to mention that the results derived may not be specific enough to give us the boost that we need. We may get a list of keyword suggestions or ideas but …

  • How much competition is there for the keyword/phrase?
  • What is the chance of the keyword/phrase getting highly ranked in the search engines?
  • How much traffic can you expect to get using the chosen keyword/phrase in your content?

These questions ran through my mind and in the Jaaxy Keyword Tool review here, I will lay out how this tool has worked for me.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

For those of us who understand how important keyword research is in content creation, we certainly appreciate the value of a good keyword tool. But what makes a ‘good’ keyword tool?

My personal criteria in judging if a keyword tool is good is if it provides me estimated number of searches/month, the competition I’ll be facing, the expected traffic I would receive and the chances of getting ranked in search engines.

If you use Google Keyword Planner, you would be able to see the estimated searches for particular keyword or phrase but you would not get the data for competiting websites using that keyword. What you get is whether the competition is ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’.

Jaaxy is different in that it provides you more specific data such as number of searches per month, number of competiting sites using the same keyword/phrase, an SEO score with scale of 1 to 100 (the higher the score, the better your chances are of getting ranked). The ‘Key Quality Indicator’ (KQI) shows if your chosen keyword is something you should go for (green – go for it, yellow – not too bad, you can still go for it, red – abandon alert!)

The Jaaaxy Keyword Tool Review

What Else Can Jaaxy Do?

While Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, it also has a function that enables users to look up lucrative domains they can purchase and then flip. Some marketers make a fortune out of domain flipping. As this is something you might also want to get into with the help of Jaaxy, why not read about a real case study here :

Domain Flipping Case Study

Free Searches in Jaaxy

Sign-up with Jaaxy immediately allows you FREE access to 30 searches.

The Pro version costs $19 per month and offers unlimited keyword searches, competiting sites, manual domain search, SEO analysis. Apart from features offered in the Pro version, the Enterprise version ($47 per month) offers faster speed and data management.

Final Note

As I use Jaaxy, I find that it serves my purpose of finding ‘high traffic, low competition’ keywords – something that I look for in a keyword research tool. I’ve received emails promoting WordPress plugins to help in SEO. One of the most common threads in these promotions is that the developers have come up with ‘new techniques’ to oversome Google’s latest algorithm changes.

Now we know that Google will always come up with algorithm changes for the benefit of a user’s (person who’s looking for information in the search engine) experience. Logically, are we, as website owners, to keep on adding or changing plugins to suit these changes? Are we to keep on chasing such app or software that claims to be able to outdo the changes?

I’m not an SEO expert but what I try to put forward here is some common sense. Building a website and earning credibility from that website certainly takes time. While creating content for the website begins from a well-researched keyword, we must create content that is ‘immuned’ to Google algorithm changes, no matter what the changes are or when they happen.



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