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Flipp me essentially trains you on how to flip a product bought at a low price from one platform and then selling the same product (at a higher price) in another platform.

Recently, I received information on Flipp me – a new product by Art Flair, a marketer who gained success on the Internet through gigs on Fiverr and other various streams of income. At less than $10, this product wouldn’t hurt to try – so I thought and went ahead to get it.

What is Flipp Me?

Flipp me is essentially a training resource that centres on the concept of flipping and arbitrage. To elaborate, it teaches you on how to capitalize on low-priced products and selling them at higher prices for profit. I have no problems with the delivery of the training as it’s presented in short, easy-to-understand videos and pdf files.

The concept of flipping and arbitrage in itself is nothing new, of course. The difference about Flipp me is that it focuses on two platforms that you can make use of to engage in flipping and arbitrage – the first is Fiverr where you can get products/services at low prices and the second, Etsy, where you can subsequently sell the products/services for profit.

Selling in Etsy

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Etsy, let me briefly explain. It’s a platform where you can set up your very own store(s) selling items such as paintings, cards, accessories. I would say Etsy is slightly different than Ebay or Amazon because what you find there are usually unique hand-made products. In fact, Etsy used to be a place for artists/crafters to sell their creations but now, you don’t really need to be an artist to start selling in Etsy.

No Initial Investment Necessary

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The Flipp me training claims you don’t need to fork out any money or order anything, manage shipping or handling for the products you’re promoting. The reason is you only make the orders in Fiverr once you find buyers for the items you have listed in your Etsy store.

Best-selling Items in Etsy

I was attracted to the idea of flipping and online arbitrage as there are people out there already engaging in this type of business online and are successful at it. The training provided in Flipp me seems easy to follow …. theoretically. However, as I go through the videos, few questions remain :

  • What items do you sell?
  • You can start selling in Etsy but how would you exactly put across your products in the eyes of potential buyers, in the midst of thousands of similar products by other sellers?

I feel that Art explains quite clearly what kind of products would attract buyers in Etsy. According to him, physical products such as gifts, ‘fun and bizarre’ products would sell well. You can opt to sell digital products, like portraits as well.

Flipp me PROs

From the videos and pdf files, I get an idea of what I could sell in Etsy but personally, I feel that although the product introduces flipping and arbitrage, it  just scratches the surface of the concept.

When you search for Flipp me reviews, you might find many from those who are skewed towards hyping about benefits of the product, simply because they are promoting it.

Objectively, Art is right to point out that when selling on Etsy,  it’s wise to market unique, ‘crafty’ products that are hand-made and not that easily available elsewhere.

We might be able to scour for some unique items to sell on Etsy but how do we make ourselves ‘uniquely’ different and distinguish ourselves from other marketers?

I sent an email to Art asking about this and got a reply to just follow the steps in the training to start receiving sales. Hmmm….okay….

Selling in Etsy


As thrilled as I am about the idea of flipping, the content of the training is way too little for you to reap benefits even if you follow it to a T – even for a $7 product.

Art claims you can make money as early as the next day if you follow the training in Flipp me. Is that even realistic – considering you have to set up your store in Etsy, find gig sellers in Fiverr and then promoting your products?

And the Upsells – Oh my goodness – so many that I came to a point where I said, “Just give me Flipp me already. Urgh!”

First Upsell – How to generate more from flipping

Second Upsell – How to get more traffic

Third Upsell – Reseller rights to Flipp me

Sorry but I don’t remember how much each one cost.

But you’re right – I didn’t get any of the upsells. The rationale is this : I didn’t even have a clue as to the content of the basic product. I didn’t even know if I really want to try the methods introduced in the training and if they would really work for me. So why would I get those upsells?

Finally …What Really Works?

I guess you could say that I went in and purchased Flipp me because I was curious. I mean if there are other ways of generating income online than what I am doing now as an affiliate marketer, I want to know.

Would I dismiss the idea of flipping and arbitrage in online business? Definitely not, because there are platforms for such business models and certainly better means to achieve success with them.

For now, platform like Etsy is not really for me. I am not artistically inclined and have no interest in selling fancy items.

Although building websites, creating content, promoting products on my websites take much effort and time,
this business model lasts.
And I am into building a business that lasts!

I don’t know if you have come across Flipp me
or similar products.

If you have, feel free to share your experience below.
I’d love to learn from you.


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