Rapid Profit System – A Review

Rapid Profit System Review
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Please read the Pros and Cons as well as my take on this product (below) before you decide if Rapid Profit System is for you!

Rapid Profit System Review

I would consider Omar and Melinda Martin experts in email/funnel marketing.

They are creators of many Internet marketing (digital) products that include Internet Marketing Clinic, Internet Selling for Newbies and My Unfair Advantage.

One of their recent products is Rapid Profit System (RPS). What drew me to this product is the word ‘rapid’.

I’m always skeptical if I come across any product creator who claims that they have come up with some means to generate fast income online. It makes me want to dig in deeper into what the recommended technique is …

Rapid Profit System – Content

RPS is a training course with both video and pdf format provided.

The course teaches you how to make money online as an affiliate selling JVZoo products (a digital marketplace like Clickbank).

There are three phases in the whole training, beginning with (Phase 1) on niche selection and audience identification.

Each video in the different phases is about 40 minutes long.


Rapid Profit System Review

Phase 1 – Niche Selection & Audience Identification

Like many other marketers, Omar assures that successful marketing happens when you promote your products/offers to an audience who are ready to buy.

So it is wise to ‘find’ the market for your products first rather than begin your marketing by selecting products to sell to an audience.

This is the section that Omar explaines on niche and product selection.


Phase 2 – Prospect Capture (The Funnel)

This phase has been broken down to :
Part 1 – Lead capture
Part 2 – Action Incentive

In this section, you learn about how to set up your sales funnel, beginning with the creation of squeeze pages that offer your audience something free yet valuable in return for their email addresses.

The next stage is how you incentivize your prospects to take action on your promotion by offering them “Bonus Products”.

To create your own bonus products is certainly time-consuming and potentially expensive. In this section, resources on where you can get PLR (Private Label Rights) products that you can turn into your own as bonuses or giveaways are provided. 


Phase 3 – Traffic Campaign

The main content of this phase is on marketing your offers using Facebook.

This section of the training is divided into three parts :

Part 1 : Facebook Ad Creation – How to create ads that target specific Facebook users Part 2 : Custom Audiences – How to assemble audiences of ready buyers
Part 3 :  Follow Up Email Persuasion – How to create email campaigns that continue selling to your leads over time

Now that we’ve got the basic idea on what the training in Rapid Profit System offers, let weigh on the pros and cons of the course.


Price : I found that some buyers bought the course for about $20, but I got it for $16.95, so that’s a steal.

Content : Personally, Omar is a great speaker/marketer – and I think he’s a good influencer. Objectively, the training, in general, is presented in a clear manner. And I must say that although I find the videos (at about 40 minutes per video) is pretty long for my short attention span, I believe the video’s length is the reason why Omar is able to go at the speed that he does in order for his audience to understand what he’s talking about. He illustrates with some drawings although his artistic skills is something he can’t really be proud of.

 Resources : Incorporated as part of the course are stuff like email swipes so you don’t have to crack your brain on what to send to your leads.

RPS is a training that newbies can easily follow with the resources included in the course.


Getting Traffic : There’s only one traffic source taught in the whole course – via Facebook (paid and free).

I have tried both free and paid Facebook marketing and you might want to read about my experience here.

Resources : Some paid resources such as OP2 Squeeze Page and Landing Page Monkey which can purportedly boost your campaigns and promotions are mentioned in parts of the training videos. It’s just another marketing strategy to get you to invest in other products (perhaps that you might not even need)

Two upsells – Sometimes I find upsells more irritating than they are useful (as they are made out to be).


My Take

Although I said the training might be useful for newbies, I would like to caution that the results (if at all) that you might get would not be as ‘rapid’ as you would expect.

This is especially if you choose say, Internet marketing or weight loss niches. The markets are huge but with huge markets come high volume of marketers peddling their wares.

A good takeaway from the course is the sales funnel process. However, to be relying on Facebook ads to get your leads might cost you over time, no matter how targeted you get your audience to be.

In my opinion, Facebook marketing can be made as one of your marketing strategies but not the only one. You don’t want to rely just on one traffic source.

In addition, Facebook users that you target may have interest in your niche but they may not be looking to buy anything, really.

Those audience may not have the buying intent as compared to people who type something into the search engines trying to get more information on a particular product.

This is why optimising your website content and incorporating SEO in your marketing is something you can’t take lightly. If you have a website particularly, SEO must be part of your promotional strategy.

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