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RankXL review
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I had learned about RankXL and was drawn to it for its claim to be able to help boost your site rankings through proper, systematic, SEO techniques that could see you scaling up your site’s rankings and maintaining its position high in the search engines.

I researched on it and no RankXL review that I came across includes  a case study of how a successful user implementing the techniques and actually getting positive results.

At $297, the course, to me, was pricey particularly that it focuses solely on SEO.

The creator, Chris, claims his course is suitable for newbies and seasoned marketers.

But in my mind, for someone who’s new to Internet marketing and doesn’t have any clue on how to start an online business, where would he get help in the basics such as creating his own website, the very foundation of getting into SEO in the first place?

What is the RankXL Niche Site Course About?

I had shelved RankXL aside until I received an email from MyThemeShop on 27 March 2017, offering the course for $145. That’s more than $100 discount but … why such a drastic difference?

Hmm..tempting – to get RankXL at that price. Who doesn’t want to have your webspages skyrocketting to page one in the search engines?

Apparently, this is not the first time that Chris is introducing the course. In fact, the 2017 version is the third one and this explains why there are price differences quoted by various reviewers.

Anyway, the offer price of $145 that I received is excluding a year’s membership of MyThemeShop. The $297 price tag gets you RankXL Niche Site Course AND a year’s membership of MyThemeShop (MTS).

Getting the course at $145 makes more sense to me as I’m already a member of MTS.

In fact, a few days prior, I had written to Chris asking if he would offer me his course at a lower price since I don’t need the membership. This is what he said :

RankXL review

So looks like from his standpoint, I’d still be buying the course at $297 even though I’m an MTS member. No go!

Price aside, let’s look at what the course is really about.

Course Content in Brief

The course is essentially about building niche sites, ranking those sites with SEO techniques, including linking building strategies.

Although Chris’ main monetization strategy for his sites is through Adsense, the strategies taught in the course can be applied in other forms of monetization that you use.

There are four parts to the course :

  1. Niche and keyword research
  2. On-site SEO and site structure
  3. Link building
  4. Adsense, growth of the site(s)

Note that RankXL is about building and scaling niche websites.

In the sales page, Chris claims that apart from the price of the course itself, you don’t really need to fork out more money except for the domain and hosting of your websites.

My Take

I decided not to buy the course eventually. So objectively, I can’t delve too much on the course’s content.

Initially, I was split between getting it and just ignoring it. I was going back and forth with my decision until I reached clarity of mind with these issues :

1 No Investment Needed Except For Domain and Hosting?

If you get the RankXL Niche Site Course for $297 which includes the MTS membership, then you don’t have to worry about having premium themes. Although free themes could be OK, premium is the way to go.

Chris claims that the tools that he uses in the course are all freemiums. I’m not sure which keyword research tool he uses but as far as I understand, most free keyword research tools would not be adequate in your keyword research and competition analysis.

Although keyword research forms the basis in building your site, it’s something you don’t want to spend too much time on. This is where Premium tools come in – to help you analyse and decide in a shorter time.

2 Are Backlinks Important

From the sample of the course content, I could see that Chris included some link building strategies. But my question is, “Are backlinks important?

Recently I started a website and included about 12 posts with content based on keywords that I researched. After about a month, I found that I had ranked on the second page of Google for …not one…but a few of the keywords I’d chosen.

I didn’t do any back linking and as my website is totally new, it doesn’t even have much engagement from visitors. And yet, it’s still ranked in the first two pages of Google!

3 Testimonials

Sure, from RankXL’s sales page, you can see that there are numerous testimonials that generally talks about the virtues of the course to catapult your website in the search engines.

However, I didn’t find any of the users actually documenting their experience in using the techniques taught in RankXL or how it has helped them in their business.

The closest I could find is some people talking about how they tried a link building strategy. As to whether they had seen their websites improve in rankings, I’m not too certain.

A RankXL member, despite speaking about the benefits of the course, said that he wished Chris could provide examples of his own website that incorporated the techniques he taught.

So those three factors are the reasons why I decided to back out of getting RankXL.


RankXL Niche Site Course provides you training on SEO. But there are other factors issues you need to look into in creating and maintaining a website.

In doing so, you might run into some issues, and the most important part is having a reliable support to tackle those issues.

SEO is very dynamic – generally people can only guess what goes into Google’s algorithms that determines your rankings in the search engine.

One of the biggest and most impressionable thing I learned about getting good rankings is choosing not just one but few related keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) and writing your content naturally.

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