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I looked up paid social media jobs reviews in 2013 when I received an email saying that such jobs are what we should be getting into as more businesses are using social media in their marketing. These companies are willing to hire the extra help to look into their social media tasks so they can focus on other areas such as planning and executing strategies.

I was all excited because from the brief description of the kind of jobs available, there’s no different from what you would do with your presonal account in social media. What I understood from the information I had then was that I would just be ‘updating status’, getting likes, giving my comments, in Facebook, updating on marketing campaigns on Twitter, uploading videos in Youtube or creating companies’ profiles in LinkedIn. Anybody who refuses to get paid for such simple tasks must be crazy, right?

But let’s go back to the golden rule : when something sounds too simple and too good to be true, it probably is. Now, shall we break it down? What exactly is Paid Social Media Jobs? Should you get into it?

Paid Social Media Jobs – What Is It, Really?

If you visit the Paid Social Media Jobs website, you would see that for $47, you would be given training and tools to get you started as a social media manager.


However, if you decide to leave the page, a pop-up will tell you that they’re willing to let you have a 50 percent discount (at $27) for you to gain access to the training and tools. With words like “anyone can do this and begin making money doing the things they are already doing on social media”, you might be lured.


Here’s what I think – the ‘instant’ 50 percent drop in price should already raise some red flags. Objectively though, here’s what Paid Social Media Jobs claims to offer with that $47 (or $27):

  1. Training on how to get hired as a social media manager
  2. Database on available jobs that you can apply for

The Training

The training provided is far from adequate. It takes some time (not to mention many trials and errors) in order to establish yourself as a social media manager. How would a coompany entrust you with its social media account when you are not even in their payroll? This is something not covered in the training.

The Database of Available Jobs

Looking at the list of available jobs, I was thinking why would anyone pay $47 (or $27) just to receive information on available jobs when he can look up or for free?

The fundamentals of how Paid Social Media Jobs is no different than sites like or Clients post the tasks they need done and service providers apply for the available jobs, commensurating with their knowledge and skills. The difference is that Paid Social Media Jobs focuses on social media.

My Two-cents Worth

I refrain from  calling Paid Social Media Jobs an outright scam, something you might find in other reviews. Why? To me a scam is when a program promises you the world, takes your money and disappears, with no support contact for clients to reach them.

Paid Social Media Jobs on the other hand, uses Clickbank platform and clearly stated in the website that they provide 60-day money back guarantee. If for some reason that your curiosity still gets the better of you (even after reading this review) and you don’t mind putting in the $47 one-time payment, you might want to give it a shot.

Having said that however, be prepared that you might not land a job within the next 24 hours, as they claimed. If you do sign up, just think. Don’t you need sometime to prepare your ‘resume’, market your skills in social media to get potential clients to notice you?

This is the reason why I said earlier that if you are looking to provide your services, you can always trawl sites like,, which are free. Again, building a customer base is not an overnight task. But the good thing is that apart from social media management, being a member of such sites allows you to expand your services to other areas such as website design, writing articles. As you create your profile as a social media manager, you can also set up other profiles that showcase your abilities in article writing, graphic design, etc.


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