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Online marketing in Singapore have seen the rise of some successful marketers. But whether those successes have been achieved with integrity remains a question.

I must apologize for painting such a bleak scene on online marketing in the country but I AM speaking from experience. Who am I referring to?

Real Life Experience

Back in 2010, I attended a ‘FREE’ seminar on online marketing conducted by Jaz Lai Internet marketing team. As you already guessed, such ‘FREE’ seminars are never really free. It’s just a prelude to an online marketing course, specifically, email marketing, for which I feel, is worth much less than the tagged price of about S$2,000.

I was naive but excited that I finally stumbled upon someone who could teach me online marketing in person. Or so I thought. I already joined Chris Farrell membership site at the time but what caught me was that the Jaz Lai training would purportedly focus on email marketing to gain more customers. I really believed the trainers when they claim success through email marketing can be achieved in a short time. How naive I was! Success in ANY business can never be achieved overnight. If I had known then what I knew now, that $2,000 could have better been spent elsewhere.

What Was Offered in the Course?

Online Marketing SingaporeParticipants were given a file of printed materials on email marketing, a CD and very little support after. The information contained in the materials were stuff you could probably find if you had ‘googled’ hard enough. Some ‘Internet gurus’ were called in to give speeches on their successes. This was something I did NOT sign up for. I didn’t want to hear about their life stories. I didn’t fancy their big houses or luxury cars. I just wanted to start an online business and grow that business. I wanted to get to the inti-griti of making my online business successful.

Prior to joining Jaz Lai Internet training course, I had learned to build website from Chris Farrell membership but had wanted to know how I could manage some settings within my site. Asking members of the Jaz Lai team was like talking to brick wall, you get tossed around from one person to another. It was later that I realized the support promised to participants was hardly existent. If talking to them in person for support received such a reaction, I don’t think I need to elaborate on what you get when you send them emails.

About a year later, truth about Jaz Lai and what he was doing as part of the course began to unfold. You see, on top of the $2,000 course, there were upsells. Don’t gasp. I didn’t get them. But from those who did, I learned that some paid as much as $15,000 for some further training. I remember a friend paying $5000 for some hosting service. I wanted to stop her but I could not justify myself as I was starting out then and didn’t know much about hosting. But something told me that was way too much to be paying for hosting alone.

To cut the story short, some participants had wanted their money back. I didn’t pursue my case further because I understood then that what I lost is just a fraction of what others had put in. Although I felt the money spent on the Jaz Lai course amounted to nothing, it was a lesson to be learned. Never ever plunge into anything without much research and that doesn’t carry a refund guarantee!

Fabian Lim Scam?

I can’t vouch for any of Fabian Lim’s courses as I’ve not attended any (and never intend to). However, seeing how he was with Jaz Lai, I wouldn’t give a second look on any product that he has to offer. I understand that Fabian conducts quite a bit of SEO training, as he proclaims to be an expert in. But I’m thinking since Google, the largest search engine, keeps on changing its algorithms, wouldn’t the training be outdated after some time?

If you want a better understanding on these changes, here is explanation on Google updates over the years.

By the way, I get disgusted at seeing ads in the local papers with Fabian standing in front of his helicopter, promoting his products/training.

Ewen Chia Autopilot Profits a Scam

He is someone I’ve not bought any products from. I can’t refute the title of this particular product because you CAN generate profits on autopilot through online business, although I must emphasize that it can’t be generated overnight. There’s REAL consistent hard work involved. Sometimes products and services are presented to you like cake with beautiful icing. Personally, I wouldn’t be interested in the icing as much as I would for the taste of the cake itself. The taste of the cake, its texture, will tell me if the one who makes it is really a good baker ….. if I may use an analogy.

What Now For Me?

I have since been a member of Wealthy Affiliate, a community of online business like-minded people who support each other in the creation and sustenance of online businesses in ANY niche.

For $47 a month as Premium member, I create multiple websites, get training on various aspects of online business – keyword research, SEO, social marketing, video marketing and many more. I know it sounds like I’m hyping about it but the ONLY reason I do that is because I honestly can’t find other platforms like it, for that price. Even starter members (basic membership) get to build two websites for FREE and gain access of some of the training.

Then again, don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Just take a tour starting with this :

Local Marketing Using Keyword Research Techniques

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