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Octosuite is a social media manager created to help you autopost in Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

To me, it serves as a research tool but fell short on its objective as a social media manager. It doesn’t help that it does nothing to boost your website traffic.


This post on Octosuite  is probably going to be one of my shortest, for reasons you will find out below.

I understand that there are many Octosuite reviews out there which are mostly skewed towards getting you to buy the software. I bought the software several months back just to test it, so what I write here is all based on what I experienced.

(Rest assured no affiliate links in this post!)

What is Octosuite?

It is essentially a cloud-based software that functions as your social media manager.

The Ocean edition (that I got), allows you to autopost into Facebook pages and groups. Posting into Twitter and Reddit requires upgrades.

My Octosuite Dashboard

Problem With Octosuite

Perhaps this is something I face that’s unique to me.

I tried to post a link (to one of my websites) into my Fanpage. But when I checked my Facebook account, the link was actually posted in my main account’s timeline and not my Fanpage.

I went into my Octosuite dashboard and under “Post and Schedule” placed my website link that is supposed to show on my Fanpage. But it didn’t. Instead it appeared on my Facebook main account.

I contacted Octosuite’s support to report on the problem that I had. The support insisted that my post should show in my Fanpage and not in my Facebook main account. The reply that I got was far from satisfactory. I took it that it was a suggestion that the mistake was on my part. Honestly, I didn’t know where I went wrong as I followed the instructions in the training video to a T.

Certainly I was not happy with Octosuite’s support response and so I checked out Octosuite’s Fanpage to see if anyone else had the same issue.

No, nobody else had the issue I had. However, I found that some had problems posting to groups. For this, they needed to first post into their Fanpages and then share that post in their selected groups. It seems that you need to have a Facebook fanpage before you can post in the various groups.

Although Octosuite is made out to be simple to use, the execution is probably not as smooth as I would expect.


Does Octosuite Really Increase Traffic?

As far as I’m concerned, the answer is a flat “No”, even though I have been trying it for a few months now.

It doesn’t do anything to my websites’ traffic unlike this other software that I’m using.

Octosuite might help you in automating your posts into your Fanpages or groups.

On top of that, I personally feel that it is just a tool which can help you with your research, for instance, to monitor on what your competitors are posting, what kind of posts work for them or impending trends in a certain niche.


Reasons I Don’t Like Posting in FB Groups

Octosuite’s feature in posting to groups can be a boon or bane. For me, it’s the latter.

You see, Facebook groups, particularly those in make-money or business-related niches are made up of people who want to peddle their wares and make money themselves.

So my question is – if I were to post into such groups, would there be buyers? Or are the members in the groups themselves trying to sell their own products.

This is the impression that I get whenever I post in FB groups. From my experience, there is less engagement and response to your posts when you place them in FB groups.


Would I recommend Octosuite as a traffic-generating software. I will certainly not. To me, it doesn’t deliver and for the price that I paid for, it really is a turn-off!







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