Searching for ways on how to start online business from home would reveal tonnes of results. People would recommend ways that have worked for them, that have made them money. Well, whether those types of online business would do the same for you can only be determined by … you!

What’s My Point?

Like many, when I first started my search for ways in making money online, I came across many suggestions that instead of helping me, clouded my mind and led to information overload. So that got me thinking that it would be great ifmake money online as virtual assistant I could leverage on what I already have – my skills and knowledge – to do something online. Since my previous offline jobs involve administrative work and writing, why not try make money online as virtual assistant?

The fact is more people are getting into the online business bandwagon and realistically, as their businesses grow, they would need assistance in various tasks but might not want to add to the companies’ expenses or overheads. This is where building an online business as virtual assistant comes in.


What Does Virtual Assistant Do?

Initially, I thought a virtual assistant’s job pertains to just administrative tasks. But I believe that as the needs of an online business grows and diversifies, so does the job of the virtual assistant. Business Owners need help in ‘virtually’ anything.

Some of the basic tasks a virtual assistant does include :

  • Filter and manage emails
  • Follow-up with customers, draft and send correspondences
  • Manage schedules

However, a Virtual Assistant could also provide services in :

  • Writing content for website/newsletter/magazines
  • Conducting research on topics specified by business owner
  • Preparing slide presentations

These lists are not exhaustive and there really is no limit to the kind of services that you can offer as a virtual assistant. When businesses think about outsourcing a task, that’s where lies the opportunity for the virtual assistant – to fill up that gap.

Most importantly, if you decide to make money online as a Virtual Assistant, you should establish yourself as a ‘specialist’ in 2 or 3 tasks. For instance, you could carve a niche in writing content and correspondences to clients, if writing is what you like to do. You might not want to get involved with too many tasks, especially if you are just starting out. If you specialize, it keeps you focused on your preferred tasks and what you do best. Over time, clients would recognize your work and identify with the quality you provide them.

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What Does Virtual Assistant Do?


Get Started as Virtual Assistant

So you know you can write, you know you can provide content. But who can you write for.

As a start, you might want to take up small gigs. You can do this by first registering in a community where you can find people who are looking for skills you have. These people could be website owners who don’t want to do the writing themselves.

To market your services, you can go to :

  • Fiverr – Tasks are charged at $5. But if you have established yourself, you can command more although your basic services remain at $5.
  • Upwork – Although a gig could start at $10, some providers command more depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of time needed to complete it.

Tips as Virtual Assistant

First and foremost, you want to create a profile of the skills that you have. When ‘selling’ your services, highlight your strengths such as “Can research and write convincingly on any topic and deliver within 24 hours”. Include relevant portfolio, if you have. The point is to make yourself stand out from other bidders of similar projects.

Remember that your potential client is not going to meet or interview you so you have to sell yourself through what you can portray in your bio-data.

You can then bid for a job and negotiate with the client that hires you. You can offer to do this via emails or live chats, Skype.

To gain trust and avoid misunderstanding, you can offer to take up a more demanding assignment and receive payment in stages.

But be clear on what you can complete in each stage and how much you should receive.

Also ensure that your client specifies the preferred file formats he wants to receive.

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