Lazy Profit Explosion Review – An Actual User’s Perspective

Lazy Profit Explosion Review
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Pros: Training in video format is easy to understand and follow.

Cons: A couple of upsells which is expected with this kind of product (at its price range of $17), the creators are not going to spill the beans on the exact strategies that they use towards success online.

Recommendation: If you are ready to spend some money on paid traffic using Youtube video ads, then this course would be a good introduction. However, you would not find specifics like the niches, products or the kind of videos to create in order to attract audience to actually watch your videos till the end.

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Lazy Profit Explosion is a ‘traffic-generating’ product created by Declan MC, Simple Spencer and Raj S.

It isn’t easy to find honest reviews on this product and if you do find some, they’re mostly from JV partners who are promoting the products. I am not one of them.

In this Lazy Profit Explosion (LPE) review, let’s look at what the product is all about and if it’s something you would want to consider getting.


What is Lazy Profit Explosion?

We all know that there are two types of traffic : free and paid.

Lazy Profit Explosion provides training on paid traffic, specifically on Youtube video ads.

Lazy Profit Explosion Review


Training Method

The training is covered in a PDF file and training videos. The PDF file provides a summary of the whole course while the actual training is shown in four video modules.

Each module comprises few videos that provides explanation on how to go about executing your video campaigns in Youtube from setting up your account to fine-tuning your campaigns for better results.

Module 1 :

Introduction on creating Google Adwords account and setting up campaigns

Module 2 :

Setting up your campaigns proper – more specific explanation on the different features that you go through in setting up ads.

This section explains the difference between in-stream video ads (those that you see while watching your chosen Youtube video) and in-display ads (those that appear to the right or top in your searches. They work like pay per click so you pay if someone clicks on your ad).

In this module, it is recommended that you use both for optimum results.

Spencer also talks about the importance of targeting your audience and how to exclude those you don’t want to be viewing your video ads. The reason is the more specific you are, the more targeted your audience would be.

Module 3 :

Module 3 focuses on monitoring your campaigns, generating reports and then selecting which campaigns should continue and removing those which are not giving desirable results.

Modeule 4 :

This module focuses on fine tuning your campaigns so as to improve your ad results and explains the importance of remarketing to a specific target group.

My Take on the Product


The training in itself has merits in terms of its clarity. The explanations given in the videos are short and succinct and I felt that if you really follow through, you can have your first ad campaign running in no time, particularly if you are already familiar with making videos. Alternatively, the course suggests that you outsource the video-making in sites such as


What is lacking in the training is an explanation of what constitutes a good video for Youtube ad campaigns – the kind that would entice viewers to watch the videos fully and take action (ultimate aim of any campaign).

I felt it’s an easy way out for the product creators to recommend outsourcing of video-making to external parties. Even in outsourcing your videos, you would still need to set criteria for the service provider such that your videos are well received by your audience.

For instance, in doing in-stream ads, you have only five seconds to get your audience attention before they make the decision to stop or continue watching what you have to offer. But tips on what makes a video ad appealing are not included –  a key element, I feel, to get audience to keep watching.

Additionally, running Youtube video ads is similar to Facebook paid ads in that your ads would have to go through an approval process. This would usually take about one business day.

But what’s more important is ensuring that you keep to the guidelines given by Goolge in running the ads. In launching several campaigns, I discovered that Google is NOT in favor of directly pointing a domain to an affiliate link, for example, a product that leads to weight loss.

For such an instance, it’s ‘safer’ to point to a website that talks about means of losing weight (as an example), rather than pointing directly to a specific affiliate link to a product/service. The rationale behind this (in summary of Google’s guidelines) is not to mislead your audience.


Although I find the training presentation clear and concise, I find the content is really excerpts from Google/Youtube advertising pages. The difference is that the explanations on how to conduct your campaigns presented in LPE are done in videos – a format that is easily accepted by most people.

If you were to look up ‘in-stream and display Youtube ads’ in search engines, you can surely find similar content as provided by LPE. However, learning from videos would probably be faster than having to read Google’s explanation and deciphering its guidelines.

Lastly, with ANY paid traffic, I agree that it can be a faster means of getting traffic as compared to doing free traffic like SEO. But before you think about delving into it, just bear in mind that paid traffic campaigns might cost you more than just your invested money if you are not careful.

The sales page made some bold claims including the possibility that you can make $10K per month with this method. For one thing, there’s a learning curve we need to talk about. Secondly, the product creators did not really reveal the amount of money that they spend in their ads to get to where they claim they were. I am pretty sure it’s not $5 per day as they showed in the training!

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