Is My Lead System Pro a Scam

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Is My Lead System Pro a scam? You might have heard about My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and looking for answers as to whether it would help in your online business. But before we get down to whether this program is a scam, let’s look at what this system is all about.


What Is My Lead System Pro About?

Is My Lead System Pro a Scam?
Is My Lead System Pro a Scam?

The above image shows some of the features that MLSP claims to provide.

MyLead System PRO (MLSP) was conceived by multi-level marketers Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer in 2008. As one of the most pressing problems in MLM is generating new leads, the aim of MLSP is to provide relevant training and marketing tools to MLM marketers (like themselves) that can help secure more leads.

The platform hinges on the technique of ‘attraction marketing’, basically a strategy on how to get qualified prospects to join your MLM business. The founders wanted to set up a duplicable system that their new sign-ups could use to generate leads and expand their network marketing businesses. This, in a way, explains why apart from promoting MLSP, members also use strategies they learn to promote network marketing system such as Empower Network.

How It Works?

In essence, the basic concept of MLSP is to drive traffic to a lead page, and then points to a front end offer, and finally to your preferred MLM company. Different charges apply to the kind of training you opt for. The basic MLSP University goes for $49.97 per month while the MLSP Mastery, which unlock more features is priced at $149.97 per month.

What is my lead system pro about
MLSP Pricing

In some My Lead System Pro reviews that I came across, the system is touted to be one that can help marketers, even newbies to generate income instantly. Now, needless to say, this kind of reviews are written by members who are themselves eager to get recruits to their businesses.  

My opinions aside, MLSP actually provide different opportunities for members to make money online. For instance, the program provides a collection of affiliate products that pay between 30 to 100 percent in commissions.

In addition, members have the potential of earning commissions from selling the MLSP membership itself. Commissions here are dependent on the type of membership you sign up for in the MLSP system.

So in addition to the commissions you get from signing up new members, you might also make money from the products that the new members purchase.


My Final Take

MLSP was created by MLM marketers for MLM marketers. It is no wonder then that MLSP community is mainly made up of MLM and network marketers. For such marketers, I feel this is a good platform to network and simultaneously get training applicable to their MLM businesses.

1. Membership Levels

I can’t refute that MLSP have resources which can be relevant to a marketer. However, the types of membership points to the fact that there are different levels of access to the available resources. Would-be members are advised to join the mastery membership at $150 per month.

If you try to market such a system to someone who just started to dabble on ways to make money online, the cost might deter him. Some MLSP members claimed that the system is suitable for newbies and would enable them to make money instantly. MLSP may provide useful resources but the claim that you can earn instantly is certainly far fetched. Planning on who you are going to market to and how you carry out your marketing plans would take time, let alone getting the results for your your efforts.

2. Your Upline

I have problems with programs like MLSP, particularly with the upline. And I encounter similar issues when I joined Global Domain International years back. In my opinion, the person who recruits you is supposed to provide guidance, particularly if you are just starting out. However, most times, they are more interested in getting you to buy what they recommend so that they make away with the commissions. They don’t really have your learning progress at heart. From here, I think it’s not difficult for you to sum up that I’m not really a fan of MLM, nor am I a member of any MLM businesses.

3. Training Videos

The training provided are presented in videos but some of these, which can last about one and a half hours might be counter-productive. Similar to those videos by David Wood on marketing strategies that I watched. There were times when I thought when was he ever going to get to the strategy I’ve been waiting for. Personally, it gets frustrating. Training videos that work for me are those that are succinct, straight to the point of the chosen topic.

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What I Recommend

Is My Lead System Pro a Scam?

Objectively, MLSP is not a scam. It is a legit platform with marketing strategies and training tools that would probably benefit those in MLM.

If you have tried MLSP or similar programs, share your experience with us. How did it work for you? What would be your advice for those who are contemplating on joining? You can leave your comments below because we’d love to hear from you!



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