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I bought Commission Gorilla after receiving some information from Cindy Battye, an affiliate marketer I got to know at the end of 2015. It didn’t really occur to me to check if Commission Gorilla (CG) is a scam as I just wanted a program which can generate bonus pages easily and fast.

When you are promoting something as an affiliate, bonuses are NOT necessarily a guarantee you can sell the product. Having said that however, bonuses DO provide an edge in your promotional campaigns, giving you that ‘added advantage’ compared to other affiliates.

So you might want to take a look at CG.


What is Commission Gorilla?

CG is a drag and drop platform to create promotional pages, bonus delivery pages for your campaigns. From the figure below, you can see that you have four layout options (of bonus pages) to choose from your dashboard :

  1. Classic Combo – Layout comprising graphic and text
  2. Image/Graphic – Page comprising images only
  3. Do It Yourself – This is the layout you choose if you want to design your own pages with more flexibility.
  4. Invisible Block – This layout is tailored to a situation where you have a surprise bonus that you didn’t tell your customers about. They would know and get the bonus only upon delivery of the product you promote.

Commission Gorilla1


Who Is  Commission Gorilla For?

In short, CG is for :

  1. Affiliate marketers who want to offer bonuses to potential buyers to give themselves an edge over other affiliates.
  2. Those who want to have the ability to create bonus pages easy and fast.

The Upside

1. You Don’t Need Technical Skills

A good thing about CG is that you don’t need any technical skills to create your pages, given that it is a drop and drag platform. Additionally, there are ready-made bonus pages in the members’ area that you can clone for your own promotions.

I thought this is great particularly if you don’t have any idea as to the layout of your pages or what you could offer to your potential customers. In any case, CG comes with text and video instructions to guide you as you build your bonus pages.

2. Storage for Pages

You can store the bonus pages you have created in Commission Gorilla. If you have a WordPress site, then there is a free plugin you can download (within the members’ area) that enables you to integrate the pages created in CG into your website.

3. Track Stats for Bonus Pages

In case you’re wondering how your promotional campaigns are doing, you can refer to your members’ area which will show you the stats on pages that are doing well and those which are not. From there, you will know which pages need tweaking and which ones should stay.


The Downside

Although I highly recommend CG, there is something more that I thought should have been provided – the bonuses themselves.

I’m not saying there isn’t any bonuses provided within the members’ area. The Basic account comes with 6 ‘ready bonuses’. If you want to have bonuses ready whenever you create your promotional pages, then you would need to fork out $97 per year for those ‘done for you’ bonuses. Use of these bonuses are unlimited.

With my regular account, I have the 6 ‘done for you’ bonuses that I can use in my promotions.

Is Commission Gorilla a Scam

My Experience : Bonus Claim

I experienced a little hick-up when I tried to claim my bonuses after buying Comission Gorilla. I was promised a set of bonuses before purchase but was sent a totally different set after I bought the product.

(What I experience here has nothing to do with CG itself. It’s how the bonuses were presented and delivered by the affiliate marketer I bought from. Anyway…)

After a few email exchanges with ‘Support’, I finally got the 10 bonuses due to me. Going through them, I could directly download two out of the 10. The rest requires me to give my email to different marketer(s) which I eventually didn’t bother to do. My guess was that my email would end up in different marketers subscribers’ list.


My Two-cents Worth

Bonuses are a means to give your promotions an edge over other marketers. Commision Gorilla is a great platform to create your bonus pages.

But when creating bonuses, you need to position yourself in the buyers’ standpoint. While you market a product as something that the buyer needs, you must also give them the assurance that the bonuses you offer are definite complimentary to the product. This gives them a reason to buy from you … and not others.

For instance, if you are promoting a WordPress website creation tool, it makes sense for you to give away  WP template or plugin.

If you are thinking to buy Commission Gorilla, my advice is that you create your own bonuses first before you create your promotional pages. But what if you don’t have any bonuses to offer. An option is to sign up for the monthly subscription in CG where you can gain access of various bonuses to offer.


Is Commission Gorilla a Scam?

CG is definitely NOT a scam. It’s just an app, if you will, to help you create bonus pages with ease and fast. Due to the drag and drop method, I can’t think of any other program (to create bonus pages) that I had tried which gives you that kind of ease of use.

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