Instant Commission Machine Review

Instant Commission Machine Review
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A traffic-generating method that leverages on Youtube videos you don’t own.

Videos are short and easy to follow.

The strategy might work with seasoned marketers but may not benefit those new to Internet marketing.

When looking to make money online, a relatively slower yet more sustainable means works best!

Instant Commission Machine Review

Instant Commission Machine is the brainchild of Billy Darr and Justin Opay.

What is the Product About?

The product is a video course on how to generate more traffic through Youtube, leveraging on high-traffic, high-quality videos already put up by someone else – a method claimed to be new and something that is not commonly known amongst online marketers.

The whole course comprises four videos, each spanning between four to eight minutes long.

I thought keeping the videos short is good particularly for people with short attention span like yours truly.

The four videos cover :

  1. An introduction
  2. How to find hot niches
  3. How to search for high-converting affiliate offers
  4. How to find high-traffic videos and contacting owners of the videos (to promote your links)

1 Introduction

In this video, Billy provides an overview of what to expect from the whole course.

2 How to Find Hot Niches

A walkthrough of how to determine whether a particular niche is profitable and worth pursuing.

Examples presented in the video are weight loss and make money online niches – ‘evergreen’ but competitive niches.

Explanation is given on ways to identify and subsequently choose niches which would result in an income stream. Factors that should influence the choice of a niche include :

  1. (In the example of weigh loss niche), the number of advertisers for the keyword ‘weight loss’ that appear in the results page of search engines such as Google/Bing is an indication of whether a niche is worth considering. The more paid advertisers for a certain keyword (related to a niche), the higher the chance of that niche being popular.
  2. Gravity value in affiliate networks such as Clickbank (high gravity value of more than 100 is an indication that the product is worth promoting)
  3. The number of views on videos (related to a particular niche) is another indication of people’s interest in that niche.

3 Finding High-converting Affiliate Offers

In this section, three affiliate networks are discussed for the purpose of finding products to promote in a chosen niche.

  • WarriorPlus
  • JVZoo
  • Clickbank

In choosing a potentially high-converting product in WarriorPlus, a factor that should be considered is to look at those which have at least 0.80 percent ‘visitor value’.

The product creator went on briefly on how similar tactic can be carried out in the other affiliate networks, JVZoo and Clickbank.

Although factors such as EPC (earnings per click) and conversion rates are mentioned in the videos, the explanation was too brief.

4 Finding High-traffic Videos and Contacting Owners

This is the last video training where Billy showed how to ‘hunt’ for high-quality videos with high traffic in Youtube.

Once a video wiith high volume of traffic (say hundreds to millions of views) is identified in a chosen niche, the next step is to contact the owner/producer of the video.

The idea is to leverage on the traffic already garnered by that video to display the links to your affiliate offer, CPA, etc.

My Take

This product kind of reminds me of another called Insider Commissions by Nick Marks – also about a method for traffic generation, only that one was using Flickr.


The videos are short and therefore easy to follow.

There are bonuses provided which are related to traffic generation

While you could probably learn something from these bonuses, I don’t like that you need to provide your email address before gaining access – a means of the product creator to get you into someone’s mailing list.

This is a common tactic used by some marketers to get their audience/buyers into their fellow marketers’ subscribers list.



This traffic generation method is claimed to be applicable in any niche.

However, I do have some issues with the prooduct.

1 Upsells

I get really annoyed with entry products that don’t just offer one upsell but three or more. As you try to get to your purchase, you wonder when it will all end:(

Instant Commission Upsell

2 Training

Generally, the training is far from being in-depth or comprehensive.

Video 2 in the training talked about finding niches. The examples given, for instance, weight loss and dog training are certainly not new.

I have a problem in the way that profitable niches are determined. I feel that sometimes you might find lots of interest in a particular niche, as in the example given – weight loss, but that doesn’t automatically deem it profitable.

The more popular a niche is, it is usually the more competitive. This is an issue that the training did not address – something that any marketer has to grapple with when choosing popular niches.

3 Contacting the Video Owners/Producers

The suggested traffic-generation strategy is not a free but paid method as you ultimately have to negotiate the price of placing your link offers with the owner of the videos.

Although an email sample to a video owner is provided, I am truly skeptical as to the response (if at all) that you might get from the owner. Even if he/she responds, would the person be willing to innclude your links?


If you do get a positive response from the video owner, you have to start negotiating the charges you have to pay. Although Billy mentioned a small fee would be payable to the video owner, there is no guide provided in the training on what a ‘small fee’ constitute.


I had come across another Billy Darr product and I find similar approach to the training – short but not in-depth. The traffic-generation method might work for seasoned marketers with years of experience in online marketing but I doubt it would work for those new in Internet marketing.

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