Insider Commissions Review – What Is It Really About?

Insider Commissions Review
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    Overall - 4/10


Pros: Hard to pinpoint the value of this product, except for its price of $7.

Cons: Some content in the training that relates to posting photos in Flickr might get you into trouble if you follow the training instructions.

Recommendation: Don’t bother about this product, even if you are tempted with the low price. (This is what works for me).

Insider Commissions created by Nick Marks, is a course that focuses on getting traffic. Unfortunately, only one traffic source is discussed in the course. Priced at less than $10, I guess you can’t ask for much. Still, my take is – the course is NOT something you would want to waste your money on – even if it means forking out just $6.95.

Insider Commissions Review

What Exactly is Insider Commissions?

The course consists of three video modules that centers on getting traffic from Flickr. So you would be using Flickr to post photos/videos, simultaneously promoting your products under the profile you created.

Video 1

Although it’s just a 13-minute-plus video, I got really bored as Nick rambled on about getting motivated. Honestly, I’m at a stage where what I really want is to take action. Perhaps I’m impatient but really, I feel this video is unnecessary.

Video 2

This section provides explanation on getting your affiliate links set up. Mentioned in the video are affiliate networks such as Clickbank and Clickbetter. Most of us are familiar with Clickbank, but Clickbetter might be something new to some.

I’ve not used Clickbetter before but Nick recommended that Clickbank would be a better network to start with, particularly those new to Internet or affiliate marketing.

He went through the process of picking products in a particular niche and choosing five to promote. I noted that he picked the products based on popularity and gravity of 50 and above. I thought the explanation could have been better in that it could have been more in-depth in terms of exactly how you determine if a product would likely sell.

Video 3

This is the longest of all the three videos but I honestly don’t think the content deserves the duration of almost an hour! The whole video basically explains the process of setting up a profile in Flickr, which works like a social media marketing.

A point to note though, is that if you intend to market using Flickr, Nick suggested that it would be best to create a separate profile from your personal one. For instance, if you choose to promote products in the weight loss niche, then create a profile that posts photos or videos related to this niche.

Some interesting points to note while watching the videos :

  1. You don’t just choose one product to promote but five so that as you promote them, you can then monitor which ones receive better response from your audience. You then scale your campaign from there.
  2. It’s recommended that you don’t start promoting as soon as you set up a profile as it would turn people off. Nick suggested that in the first week (at least) that you created your profile, you find people that you can follow – those who are might be interested in what you have to offer later on. You would also research on photos and videos in the same niche and post comments on them. This is part of the process to ‘age’ your account, so it won’t look spammy.

Claims & Contradictions


Insider Commissions Review

The image on the right (above) is taken from the Insider Commissions sales page. Take note of the claim : Three simple steps to making more than $257 a day. Really?

I have a problem with this claim. For us who have been in Internet marketing long enough would know that it would take more than three simple steps to get to that stage.

Other issues …

Nick also claimed that you can make that kind of money the same day you started. Now, didn’t he say in the video training that when you create a Flickr account, you need to let it ‘mature’ before you start promoting your affiliate links?

And claiming that the method covered in Insider Commissions is new is certainly far-fetched.

In his training, Nick showed how you can get images from Google to be posted in your profile page. He failed to address copyright issues involved in using images you don’t own.


Final Take

Insider Commissions is certainly not something you would want to put your money in. There are many upsells but to be fair, I can’t vouch for those because I didn’t buy them.

But I think a serious flaw is the way that posting images in Flickr is taught – that you can just download images from Google and upload to Flckr.

Here’s Some TIPS on How to Use Images That You Don’t Own

What’s been taught in Insider Commissions is but one of many free traffic sources that you can use to promote your offers. But don’t be misled. There’s no instant success, particularly with free methods. In this business, it’s either you invest your money or time to see REAL results.



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