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ImageX - Graphic Creation Tool
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I’ve been using ImageX graphic creation tool for few months now.

I love it for the simplicity of use, in creation of images using provided graphics and templates.

The fact that the tool is cloud-based is another bonus!

We all know that valuable content is key for your blog or website.

However, our audience are not all created equal – some have no issues going through lengths of text. There are some however, whose attention span wanes if not for the lure of images.

ImageX Review

Personally, I used some free graphic creation software, including Canva, Unsplash, GraphicStock and Visme.

But with ‘free’, comes a ‘price’, in that you don’t get much flexibility with the design of images you want to use. Unsplash, for instance, has a wide variety of images that suit a travel blog – a niche I’m not into.

ImageX – A Welcomed Alternative

When I was first introduced to this image software, I was smitten … for a few reasons :

  • Cloud-based Photshop-like platform – Meaning that I can access my images and use the software wherever I am (as long as there’s Internet connection, of course)
  • More than 500 ‘pre-loaded’ images that you can play around with to create logos, banners, website headers, testimonial/feature boxes, etc. (You can certainly upload your own images to be used in your creations)
  • Created images can be easily downloaded or shared via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Priced at $20, it’s a steal

ImageX Review

My Take

It literally takes less than five minutes to create images using ImageX. That really saves quite a bit of time especially if you want to focus more on creating valuable content for your audience.

If you are creating images from scratch, however, you might have to spend more time.

I have also noticed that the best way to optimize on ImageX is to make use of the readily-available images/templates as not only does it save me time on image creation, downloading images is also a breeze.


Don’t take my word for it
Check out ImageX yourself!


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