How to Get Twitter Followers Fast and Free

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After using Social Jukebox for about four months, I have seen an increase in followers from about 2,000 to almost 3,000.

I have managed to achieve this with regular postings that I am able to auto-mate with Social Jukebox.

Rewst has also been great in that it helps me to focus my posts towards a more targeted audience who would be interested in my offers.

How to Get Twitter Followers Fast and Free


How to get Twitter followers fast and free

I’ve been using Twitter for some time but have seen my number of followers drastically going up and down, these past few days.

And there could only be one reason why this is so. I’ve been testing some tools that I read about online to see if they really lead to an increase in my Twitter following.

I found some free and paid tools that could help to increase your Twitter followers. Some people may not give much thought about the number of followers that they have as they feel that the numbers don’t necessarily equate to (what I call) relevant followers.

I get it and can’t refute that view because … just like visitor traffic to your blog, you really want people who might be interested in what you are writing about or promoting. With websites, having regular stream of people who are interested, would reduce your bounce rate and ultimately help to improve your SEO rankings.

Having said that however, in social media like Twitter, you should increase your followers for that opportunity to find more interested people to whom you can promote to.

When I finally narrow down the tools, my goal was to find those which get Twitter followers fast. And of course, free tools are always welcomed too.

Following my ‘experiment’ over a week, I found the tools below to be useful and had literally increased my followers overnight (within hours, in fact) :

  • Social Jukebox (previously known as Tweet Jukebox until 31 October 2016) – to automate, schedule your tweets
  • Rewst – to track your followers or unfollowers, targeting those who fit into your marketing strategy and sieve out others who don’t

How to get Twitter followers fast and free


Social Jukebox

Tim Fargo Social JukeboxThe face (and voice) behind Social Jukebox is Tim Fargo. The app has been around for a few years and used to be called Tweet Jukebox until very recently on 31st October 2016, when it’s name was changed to Social Jukebox.

The app was born out of the desire to take away the tedious work of scheduling and posting multiple tweets over a period of time.

The recent update was not simply a name change but also saw more features being added. The change from ‘Tweet’ to ‘Social’ reflects the inclusion of Facebook and Linkedin social media platforms. Thus, instead of just being able to automate your tweets on Twitter, you are now able to also automate posts in Facebook and Linkedin.

Plans and Features

This app takes the idea of a jukebox where you have a list of songs to tune into. So using Social Jukebox, you place multiple Tweets in a few juke boxes (something like folders) and set them ‘on or  off’, depending on what kind of tweets you want to send out and when you want them to show.

Social Jukebox offers free account but as you might have guessed, there are limitations.

With a free account, you can have only one social media account, create two jukeboxes, store up to 300 posts/tweets and five targeted posts.

Storing 300 posts does not mean you’ll be auto-posting all 300 in a day. The free account allows you to post only five in Twitter a day and one each in Facebook and Linkedin.

As a scenario, let’s say you create two jukeboxes and store five posts in each box. You will be able to turn on only one Jukebox (as there are already five posts in that box), for your posts to be sent according to the schedule that you set in a day.

Targeted posts are those which may or may not be part of your jukebox and something that you want to appear on a cyclical or periodic manner, for e.g, during brand reminders, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You enter what you want to say, select a date you want to post, and select a frequency.

Social Jukebox : Plan Options and Rates

What is Social Jukebox

*Note : The above image does not reflect the latest in pricing
Please go to Social Jukebox for the latest

Making Things Easier

One of the coolest feature I thought is the Social Jukebox Chrome extension. A Chrome user, this is great for me because downloading the extension allows me to scour for content on the Internet and save some articles/news into my Jukebox as future tweets.

What You Can’t Do with Social Jukebox

1. Re-tweets

Social Jukebox does not have automated re-tweets feature as this go against Twitter’s T&C guidelines. However, if you wish to re-tweet someone else’s post, you can download the Social Jukebox Chrome extension and set the re-tweet from there to be included in your jukebox.

2. Manage Followers

The app does not include managing followers/unfollowers for your account.

The Result I Get

As shown in the image above, using Social Jukebox has increased my Twitter followers significantly. I set just one of my jukeboxes to post the five tweets that I place in it and that alone has resulted in followers’ surge.

I’m elated that some people who themselves have five- to six-figure number of followers are following me, with some re-tweeting my tweets and others placing them in their list.

The amazing thing is that I don’t even know those people with many followers and I didn’t even follow them. I was thinking I must have tweeted something they think provide value.

#TIP : I don’t load my tweets with only my website posts or affiliate links.

For sample of the tweets I post, why not follow me on Twitter?
(I’ll follow you back)


So I’ve been talking about posts/tweets and how to automate them. But how do you manage your followers?

Here let me emphasize that I’ll be elaborating more on managing followers on Twitter because that’s the platform I’ve been testing alot and getting great results with.

The tool that I use for this purpose is Rewst.

There are of course many other tools out there such as Crowdfire (for Twitter and Instagram accounts) or SproutSocial that serve similar purpose, if you want to check them out.

Now we may have thousands of followers but does it make sense to have followers who might not even be remotely interested in your niche? Ultimately, we want to increase engagement and to do this, we want to keep followers who would be interested in what we have to offer. So the point about managing your followers is to keep those whom you think would resonate with your promotion.

Rewst allows you to manage multiple accounts but these are limited to the Twitter platform only.

Rewst for Twitter

There’s only ONE subscription option, without free trial or free subscription. At $15 per month, you can :

  • Increase number of followers by following those in your niche
  • Unfollow those whom you follow but not following you
  • Unfollow those not ‘active’ in Twiter

You can also use Rewst to schedule your tweets but I find Social Jukebox has more flexibility and features to offer when it comes to posting.

Other Social Media Tools You Might Want to Check Out

I’ve not used these other tools but I list them here so you have more options :

Particularly For Re-tweets :

Have you used any of the social tools discussed above or any not listed here?
Why not share your take on them in the
comments section below.



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