In starting an online business, finding ways in how to drive traffic to the website is a priority because visitors can lead to action-takers who can then potentially be your customers.

But how do you make your website known to others?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is first in the list because it begins from the time you prepare content for your website. It seems a tedious process but done right, it can go a long way in driving organic traffic to your website.

If you create your website using WordPress in Siterubix, a plugin that helps in this respect, All-in-One SEO, is already built-in for you. But this doesn’t mean you take a hands-off approach in organizing your website content. You must still optimize your content and what this essentially means is you choose keywords which people use to make their searches in the search engines.

Choosing keywords

When people search for something online, they start by typing words into the search engines. These are the keywords we, website owners are after. You want your website to be part of the FIRST page of the search engine results. You want your website to be in front of the eyes of those seeking that information.

Let’s take the baking niche, for instance. Now if we go into Google and type in “how to bake cupcakes”, you might get :


Google also gives you information on what people are looking for in relation to “how to bake cupcakes” such as “how to bake cupcakes with a flat top”. So these are keywords that potentially become basis for your content.

Some people might be put off with searching for keywords alone but really, this is something you want to invest your time in for more organic traffic that lasts. In the past few years, there was a lot of hoo-ha on Google’s algorithm changes and how these have dwindled visitors to some websites.

But you don’t hear of website owners whose sites stood well in the test of time. The fact is there ARE such owners. And how do their websites survive? It’s the genuine content they created which revolve around keywords that have been properly researched. That’s it! It’s not about backlinking, white hat, black hat. It’s just genuine content … that makes sense!

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Social Media

Social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn are relatively quick ways in making your website known to the public. If you are thinking of promoting your sites in such platforms, the first thing to do is of course getting an account.

While Facebook and Twitter are commonly used to drive traffic to a website, many marketers also use them to directly link their affiliate sites without pointing visitors to any website.


If you already have a Facebook account, you can create a page specific to the niche you have chosen so that you can use it later to showcase your products or affiliate links. Under that same account, you can subsequently create more pages to cater to your other niches that you might have chosen.

There are basically two ways you can drive traffic within Facebook.

  • Free – You join Facebook groups related to your niche because these are made up of people with like-minded interests. For instance, if you are into baking, search for public groups such as “love baking”, “I love to bake” and join them. Take note of how active the groups are because you don’t want to join those with timeline updates dating back to say, September 2009. If the ones you join are active public groups, you can then post your offers in the groups’ timelines.

Promoting your offers with this method is really a numbers game. The more groups you join, the more likelihood people are going to see your promotions. Another thing you must take note of is the timing of your posting. For example, you have offers targeting the United States market. Then you must take note of the time people there are most likely to be looking at their Facebook, not when they’re likely to sleep.

  • Paid – With Facebook’s ‘Create Ads’, you can have a more targeted audience. Ads are created through FB pages. You then create posts within the page’s timeline and create ads, choosing ‘Post Engagement’. Taking the example of baking above, instead of just targeting everybody who “love baking”, you can target just woman in a specific age group.

How to drive traffic to the site

Under the ‘Interest’ tab, you can select people who love baking. By typing “baking love”, FB provides suggested groups within similar interest. You choose whichever you think is relevant, to be included in your ad.

How to drive traffic to the website

On the right screen, you would be shown the estimated target audience. As a start, aim for smaller audience of 50K or less and test with budget of $5 a day. Check the performance of your ad under the ‘Ad Manager’ tab. Ads with less than $0.10 per post engagement is considered good and you might want to continue with the ad. But if after 24 hours, you find that the ad costs you more than $0.10, you might consider terminating it.

Note : With paid FB advertising, you must closely monitor your ads. Don’t be concerned about getting ‘likes’ because these may not translate to sales.


With Google account, you can create a Google+ business page that showcases your website and products. This is linked to a Youtube channel which you might use to post videos on your products or services.


Driving traffic using images in Pinterest can be fun. Just like in Twitter, you follow others in the similar niche and start posting images regularly. In addition to posting images, you can create different ‘boards’ to categorize and represent the different niches you are in. You just need to get a relevant image ready and the good thing is that you can link it straight to your website or affiliate link.  You’ll be surprised at how others in similar niche will follow you back.


LinkedIn is another means you can showcase yourself as an expert in a certain field. You must make the ‘connections’ with people in similar niche. Record your views or advice on a certain topic in an article posted from your website. Then through your LinkedIn profile, alert your connections on the article in your website.

It is said that social media these days drive one’s business. While that may be true, we also believe that you can’t neglect the basics in website creation and that is to provide useful content using well-researched keywords. Combination of these are essential in driving traffic to your website!

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