How to Become an Amazon Affiliate? Simply What I Think …

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is probably one of the easiest means to start making money online, particularly if you already have a website. When applying to be an affiliate, you would be asked to provide your website’s url but this website does not need to be related to the types of products you intend to promote as an Amazon affiliate.

For instance, you have a website in the ‘how to make money online’ niche. You can submit this website in your application even though it has nothing to do with the health products you intend to promote from Amazon.

Marketing Products as Amazon Affiliate

How to Become Amazon AffiliateOnce your application is approved (which usually happens within 24 hours of submission), you have to think about your marketing strategies in promoting the Amazon products. There are of course many ways in promoting online such as social media, paid advertising or through a website.

I’m more inclined on creating a website to promote my chosen Amazon products or any other affiliate products for that matter. Here’s why.

  1. Let’s start with the example of a person intending to buy a vacuum cleaner (just because vacuum cleaners from Amazon are one of the products I sell online). There are many types, not to mention brands and models, to choose from.

My goal as an affiliate is to provide value to potential buyers and help them make an informed decision. How do I do this?

I present product reviews which would help them decide on which product to buy based on their needs, budget, reliability, durability of the product, whether the product is worth their money.

2. Potential buyers who genuinely have the intention to buy something are most likely to look up the search engines for reviews or related issues such as whether the products/programs/services they are interested in are worth buying, where to buy them, how much they cost or whether there are available discounts.

3. Although it takes time to build a website and getting it noticed by search engines, the traffic that you get is organic, meaning you need not spend money on advertising.

So you, as the Amazon affiliate, are like the middleman, in that you don’t just try to outright sell potential buyers what they’re looking for. Rather, you give them reasons why they should buy the product(s).

That is why I said this is where your reviews come in. Through your website, you give your audience honest, fair reviews and point to them where they can get the products.

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Social Media vs Website To Promote

You can also directly promote your Amazon affiliate products in Facebook, through a FB page tailored to your chosen niche. Taking the example of the vacuum cleaners above, you might want to create an FB page related to ‘Homewares’ and create posts linking straight to your affiliate links.

Although FB doesn’t penalise this method of advertising, I’m not exactly in favor of straight-linking an FB page post to an affiliate link. Why?

Again, promoting any product is about adding value for the potential buyer. Imagine yourself as that person who has the intention to buy, let’s say, a treadmill. I’m no fitness expert but I know I want to get one at some point. But I don’t have any information on what kind of treadmill I want to get, although I have set a budget for it.

Being in that situation, I’d get annoyed if I am brought straight to Amazon where a list of possible treadmills is staring back at me. I want to be pointed to a one-stop place where I can get information on the types of treadmill I could choose from, what each type is for, which would suit my needs, what’s their price range like.

Another point I want to add about promoting through an FB page is how you get people to look at your promotions. The thing about promoting in FB is you need to set a budget to place your promotions on people’s feed.

Based on my experience, it is definitely easier to get people to like your posts than getting them to buy your products. But likes don’t always convert to sales. In the end, your sales may not be enough to even cover your outlay.

To Be or Not to Be an Amazon Affiliate

Some affiliate marketers claim that being an Amazon affiliate is not worth your time and effort for the reason that the commissions you get is small. I must admit that it is small, relative to other affiliate networks. But why am I still at it? The reasons are :

  1. Although commissions are small (starting at 4 percent), Amazon converts better than other networks simply because of the range of products it offers and reputation. And you get people buying things which are not really related to what you promote. For instance, I’ve got buyers who buy vacuum cleaners and books through my links, bringing me commissions for both products! I didn’t promote those books, mind you.

2. The market for Amazon products are bigger because you have many products that you can choose to promote.

My advice is that if you really want to become an Amazon affiliate and start promoting products, the first step is to decide on a niche, the more specific the better. For example, you don’t just choose ‘beauty’ niche, perhaps you can narrow it down to facial products targeted at women above 40. Just a suggestion….

A reminder before you decide to promote Amazon products is that once you sign up as an affiliate, Amazon would remind you that if you don’t make sales in 180 days, your account would be deleted.


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