Global Moneyline Review

Global Moneyline Review
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A source for leads for those in network marketing.

No real valuable products. No transparency in ownership.

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I had taken some time to finish up this Global Moneyline review because I actually signed up for it, went inside to see what exactly it is and what it has to offer.

Global Moneyline review

Firstly, as I had guessed, it is more suited for those in network marketing.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the founder/owner of the program, not even in my members area. (The guy in the training videos didn’t introduce himself but I found out later that his name is Ted Nelson).

I know I said I’m not into MLM or network marketing, but that’s not to say I’m against the business model altogether. It (the business model) work for some people so it’s not my place to say anything against it.

What I’m more interested in is what kind of products Global Moneyline has to offer and how those products would be beneficial to its customers.

Interested to know more? Read on ….

What are Global Moneyline products?

Lo and behold! I’m quite disappointed that all it offers are various options of subscriptions :

  • Free (which I signed up for – the basic level)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

To network marketers, these subscriptions perhaps offer value to them as each level present different opportunities in terms of leads.

In a nutshell, the different subscription levels allow you to gain access of leads – the higher the subscription level is, the more leads you can get in touch and send messages to.

Let me break it down further :

1. Free

Price : This is where everyone who signs up start at.
What you can do : Send messages to people who sign up after you, one at a time.

2. Bronze

Price : $20 one-time payment
What you can do : Send messages to people who sign up after you, 20 at a time.

3. Silver

Price : $50 annual payment
What you can do : Send messages to people who sign up after you, 50 at a time.

4. Gold

Price : $100 annual payment
What you can do : Send messages to people who sign up after you, 100 at a time.

5. Platinum

Price : $250
What you can do : Send messages to people who sign up after you, (you guessed it) 250 at a time.

6. Diamond

In progress … according to the members area.

Messages and Ads

The program allows people to message their leads (people under them) and place ads in the system. The higher subscription commands higher positioning of ads, meaning those at Bronze level will have their ads placed the lowest.

The messages are sent via the program’s messaging system so you don’t gain access of prospects’ e-mails, unlike having a capture page in your website.

As a free member, I don’t get to place ads but I see many placed within my members area. As they are too many, I don’t really bother to even click on the links and see what they’re promoting.

How Do You Get Qualified to Earn With Global Moneyline?

You need to get qualified as an Independent Representative (IR) before you can start earning.

First, you must buy the $20 one-time subscription. Second, you must pass up your first two sales to your  upline, meaning you don’t earn anything from your first two sales.

Once these are out of the way, you can start making money in two ways :

  1. Personal retail sales – selling the product (subscription) yourself – earning 100% commissions (for e.g. you get $20 for each Bronze subscription)
  2. Compound Leverage compensation plan (said to be globally unique in the industry) – earn 50% commissions on sales made by your downlines (for e.g if it’s the $20 subscription, you get $10 for each sale they make)

To better understand what I’m talking about,
below is a video explaining the plan further :

My Take – FAQ

What do I really think of Global Moneyline?

As I review the program, I asked myself these questions:

Q : Why did I sign up with Global Moneyline?
A : I did because I wanted to know more about the products offered. However, I don’t see the value as a free member, even with the opportunity to send messages to my downline. Each member is loaded with messages from other members, trying to entice with their offers. I feel it’s like walking to a flea market, without anything specific in mind to shop for and having all these sellers shouting at you with their products.

Q : Would I recommend it to others?
A : Those who are already into network marketing might want to give it a try. However, because of the lack of real valuable products, I wouldn’t recommend it, especially to those new to marketing.

Q : Can you make money with Global Moneyline ?
A : For those who already have a list, I think they can earn from this program. However, I don’t see this as a sustainable source of income because of the lack of valuable products and transparency on the company’s details, ownership. You might make money at the beginning but without solid fundamentals, I imagine it would be harder to get people on board in the long run. 

I would like to know your take on this program. You might have heard about the program, contemplating on joining or already a member? 
Would be great if you could share your thoughts below OR
Rate the program above this post!

I registered into Global Moneyline to understand its business and products. I get what it is all about now. But I still don’t understand why the Bronze is a one-time payment while the rest of the paid subscription are on annual payment basis.


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