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How often do we come across people with stable jobs but who want to make some extra income? There are others who want to do something right now with the aim of leaving their jobs ultimately. All too often right?

Not many people take stock of their skills, capabilities and turn those into a means of making extra income. It’s not that difficult to get freelance jobs online these days as there are more websites now where you can showcase your services.

If you’re starting out, one of the best places to advertise your services is Fiverr.

How to earn money with Fiverr

What Is Fiverr All About?

As stated, Fiverr is probably one of the best places for freelancers. It was started in 2009 by Shai Winninger and Micha Kaufman who wanted to provide a marketplace for people to ‘trade’. Instead of buying and selling products, in Fiverr people buy and sell tasks and services. It was initially created for digital services but now has expanded to include writing, translation, search engine optimization (SEO) and many more.

Fiverr now lists more than three million services so if you think about getting someone to complete a task, chances are you could find someone in Fiverr who can do it for you.

The tasks offered (or sought by buyers) are called gigs.

Basic tasks completed are tagged at $5 (hence the name) but extra gigs can fetch up to $500. This of course depends on the providers’ level of expertise and the difficulty of those gigs.

Freelance Jobs Online for Beginners – Why Fiverr?

Of all the freelance online sites out there, why should you join Fiverr? Well, here’s why :

  • It’s free to join and all you need is an email which would be verified once you join.
  • It’s easy to start and you can begin advertising your gig immediately
  • You can leverage on what you already have – your skills and expertise, free online software (basically no investment on your part)
  • No verification needed on your skills
  • You receive upfront payment from buyers

What Can I Do As Gigs?

There are tonnes of tasks that buyers want to have done. Ask what you do best, what’s your passion and remember that things you can do for clients may have nothing to do with your job.

If you are into sketching, you can make this as your gig. The best part is you don’t have to invest in expensive software. Some of the free tools you can leverage on are :

How about doing logo or headers for websites? You can optimize free tools such as :

You would start doing gigs for individual clients but if your services are acknowledged as something of high quality then you might get noticed by agency clients. These are people who represent a pool of clients looking to buy gigs you offer. So instead of just an individual client, you are opening your doors to more buyers for your services.

How to Earn Money With Fiverr

To make money freelancing in Fiverr, you start by creating your profile.

When creating your Fiverr profile, you must highlight what you can do for buyers, promote yourself as a specialist in that gig, using words such as ‘expert’, ‘affordable gigs’. You should include how long buyers can expect to receive their orders (shorter time frame is better of course).

In ‘Selling’ your gig, you might want to add a file or image to show your portfolio.

You can also create a website that explains what you do as a service provider. Showcase your portfolio there. You can then direct visitors from Fiverr to your website so they learn more about you and your work.

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How to Build Your Business in Freelancing

It might be hard to believe but there are many people out there making full-time income doing freelancing jobs through Fiverr. While they usually start by doing the gigs themselves, some are earning by just brokering the services. This means these people crafted their online businesses by buying gigs from say, Fiverr, and then selling those same gigs in other similar sites.

But I won’t recommend you do this right from the start. Familiarize yourself with doing the work on your own. That way you get a feel of what works and what doesn’t, for your clients. Once you understand what sells, you are better equipped to sieve out ‘outstanding’ piece of work demanded by clients from those which are not acceptable.

Then you might want to explore the following sites to market your acquired gigs :

Just so you know how you CAN make freelancing your online business,
Here’s how one logo designer makes money from fiverr.

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