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I would have given an ‘8’ in my rating if not for the promotion on Matt Llyod’s MOBE (My Online Business Empire) promotional emails I received after buying Easy Sketch Pro.

I’ve seen some Easy Sketch Pro reviews which paint the video creation software as user-friendly. I had bought and used this software myself and in fact, it is the third video creation tool that I bought in 2015, just to compare which gives me the best user interface.

On whether this video creation tool by Paul Lynch is for you, you might want to read further on my take regarding this software.

What You Get From Easy Sketch Pro?

Basically, Easy Sketch Pro allows you to create animated videos, beginning with a presentation platform akin to Powerpoint. So once you log in, you would be taken to what’s shown in the screen below.

Easy Sketch Pro reviews

You start creating a project by working on slides and yes, a single project can have as many slides as you please, depending on the length you want your video to be. As you can see from the top menu bar, you can then insert text, images or other available videos (relevant to your project) into your slides. Images selected can be from within the Easy Sketch Pro platform (provided to you) or your own images. The text, images and videos would be in the form of animation before they appear as they are in your final video. I would usually add music at the final stage of my video creation so I can see if the audio fits the whole project.

Easy Sketch Pro Reviews

What’s Different About Easy Sketch Pro?

Personally, what sets Easy Sketch Pro apart from other video creation tools I used is that it makes your project really interactive. The hand drawing method used creates an atmosphere as if you are jotting down ideas with your audience. This appears even more real if you do your own voice recording as part of the audio insert. What’s cool is that you can even choose the type of hand you want to appear in your project.

Some Details You Should Take Note Of

If you decide to buy the product, you are given an access code to enable you to download the software. So you need both the email you use to purchase the product AND the access code given in your members area to download the software.

The members area from which you gain access of Easy Sketch Pro is “MyDotComBusiness.com” or MDCB.

Now here, it can get a little confusing because soon after your purchase, you’d receive several emails but the ONE that you should concern yourself with in order to get started using the product is from “support” entitled “Easy Sketch Pro Access Details”.

Sorry for these minute details. I just thought it would help because when I first got the software, I was quite annoyed with the different emails I was getting. (I shall explain the reason behind those other emails, on top of the one from MDCB and jvzoo.com)

In addition, you might want to check your members area from time to time as sometimes newer version of Easy Sketch Pro is uploaded onto the members area.

A Bonus From Easy Sketch Pro

When I bought Easy Sketch Pro, I received a bonus, Make My Video Interactive, that allows me to add a link within my video that points to a url link. I thought this was neat and more importantly, useful for my business.

Although I applaud this feature – being able to add a direct link from your video to a website, affililate products, etc., you can only do this AFTER you have created and uploaded your video using Easy Sketch Pro to sites like Youtube or Vimeo. After you have inserted the link (also called hotspot) within the video, you can then paste it into your website or upload it to sites like Facebook. You will NOT be able to upload to Youtube because as you might already know, Youtube doesn’t allow direct link from videos. Annotations in Youtube only allow you to link to videos, your Google+ profile but not say, to your websites.

Overall, Make My Video Interactive is useful if you want to add videos with direct links to other sites and then uploading it to your website, or places like Facebook.

What I Don’t Recommend

As I said earlier, I shall explain why you might get confused with the flux of emails you get after buying just one product, the Easy Sketch Pro (if you decide to get it at all, that is).

The subsequent emails that I received were triggered by my signing up for “Get My $1 mil in 331 days system” which Paul promoted in the MDCB members area. I later found that this actually points to another program that Paul promotes called ‘My Online Business Empire’ or MOBE by Matt Lloyd. MOBE was previously known as My Top Tier Business. As I wanted to find out what MOBE was all about, I paid $49 which Paul said he would return so that I’d get the ‘system’ for free.

Once that $49 was returned to me, I was given access to MOBE’s members area and there were 21 steps-training. Each step is unleashed only if I complete certain tasks or had watched videos in the previous steps. I didn’t get far with the training because to me there wasn’t really anything substantial nor explicit about creating a sustainable online business in MOBE. I was turned off because it wasn’t clear to me what it offers or the benefits it brings to customers.

But one thing that stuck with me from MOBE was that in order to make money online fast, you should promote high-ticket products, like …. well you make a guess …. that’s right – MOBE. Personally, I stayed away from MOBE because of the many upsells that just don’t deserve the price they command. Further researching, I found that if you were to get the whole range of stuff MOBE offers, you might be about $20,000 poorer, not to mention some hundreds of monthly fee you got to pay for. I can’t help but think this is similar to the Jaz Lai Internet marketing course I attended in Singapore, where one carrot after another was offered to unsuspecting audience.

Finally ….

I started this post with the intention of helping those who are trying to find out more about Easy Sketch Pro, which had admittedly helped me in creating a number of animated videos. And I felt I had to include MOBE here because I got to know MOBE after I bought Easy Sketch Pro.

Do I think less of Paul Lynch for promoting MOBE? Well, objectively, his own product has worked for me, although I don’t agree with the marketing practices of MOBE. What’s more important is that I hope what I’ve written here is comprehensive enough to assist you.

Note : November 2015 Update – Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is not available for sale. New version could be in the pipeline.


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