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My Take : Empower Network
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I was attracted to the Empower Network blog platform by David Wood back in 2013. To cut story short, I joined because I didn’t have anything against MLM (multi-level marketing) at the time, anyway. (Oops, that’s a hint that Empower Network’s compensation plan is MLM). 

david wood empower network blogBut the top reason that enticed me to join was how seemingly easy it is to earn through blogging as made out by Empower Network. But most of us know that to make money from blogging, you need to have visitors to your site. David Wood somehow, through his rattling, made me believe that Search Engine Optimzation is taken care of once you join EN. Below, I dissect the truth…

What is Empower Network?

In essence, Empower Network purportedly provides information products, marketing training and a blogging platform to enable you to start an online business. Products and services are not free to use and here is the breakdown of what it looks like to join Empower Network:

  • Basic membership costs $25 per month and entitles you to ONE hosted blogging site
  • Another $19.95 per month is required if you want to promote the products and earn commissions
  • You are advised to sign up for an autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse to build your sales funnel and list of prospects. (That’s another approximately $20 per month added to your bill)

Different Membership Levels a.k.a The Upsells

  • The entry or basic level as mentioned above starts at $25 per month. Apart from one website, you gain access to the core checklist and training that can supposedly help you succeed in your online business. You will also be given back office tools, capture page systems and Monday night Empower hour (training course). In order for you to be able to gain commissions from marketing this level of Empower Network, you must be a member at this level. In addition, $19.95 per month is required before you are eligible for your commissions.
  • The Inner Circle Membership costs $100 per month and entitles you to a series of audio training and information on members in the inner circle including the founders and team leaders. You can also earn commissions from selling this level but only if you are a member at this level. If you are an entry level member and someone under you buys the Inner Circle membership, then you only earn commissions for the entry level but not the Inner Circle level.
  • Next is the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive level at $500 (one-time payment) which comprises a video series based on a private 3 day retreat held near David Wood’s mountain home in Costa Rica. Training here is mainly geared towards ‘key’ marketing strategies and approaching your prospects
  • Then the 15K Formula at $995 (One-time payment) 
    This is where members are taught advanced marketing strategies that are set to grow an online business towards a projected income of $15,000 per month.
  • Last is the Masters Retreat – $3,500 (one-time payment)The masters Retreat level consists of about 40 individual trainings and includes a workbook that enable members to learn as they earn.

David Wood, David Sharpe Empower Network Review

Yes, you could say I was fooled. I became part of Empower Network’s entry level for two months before it hit me on how my ‘blog’ could get optimized and ranked. Various questions ran through my mind:

  • It’s not really my own website, is it, since it’s under Empower Network?
  • I build content for this website but where’s my ownership?
  • Can I pick ANY niche/theme for my blog? But if I don’t adopt the ‘make money online’ niche, then how do I promote Empower Network and earn commissions through this blog?
  • How does my site get ranked?
  • If there are many out there promoting Empower Network, how do I make my blog stand out?
  • Are there resources that could answer my questions?

david wood empower network reviewLet’s begin with the one through whom I got to know about Empower Network – my upline. There was hardly any support from there and I thought why would I need to pay recurring $25 for ONE blog and $19.95 monthly to earn commissions.

I was expecting at least some resources from my membership but there wasn’t any structured training that I could benefit from in making the whole thing work. It’s as if you are starting a WordPress site except that you have to pay for it and limited to just few themes. You have to learn marketing strategies yourself.

Where’s the Training and Resources

Webinars that contain nothing about marketing strategies don’t bode well with me. Most are rattling of achievements of ‘successful members’ – of how they struggled in life before they discovered Empower Network. Really?

Not once did I come across of someone investing in the entry level membership and making decent money monthly. Uh-uh.


My Final Take

Recommended? : NO
Reasons :
  • Over-priced blogging system
  • Too many over-valued upsells
  • Complicated MLM compensation plan (I’m biased against MLM and Empower Network’s made worse by its complicated plan). You have to continuously work on trying to increase your downlines.
  • Non-transparency on training resources and marketing strategies
  • Support – almost non-existent
  • Not something newbies should get into

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