I first came across Chris Farrell membership in 2010. Like you, I was looking for some reliable Chris Farrell review by people who have actually join the membership, benefited or otherwise from it. I wanted to learn the truth before I join. It wasn’t about the monthly fees (at $27 per month then, it was relatively low and within the budget I had set). It was more about how I could benefit from being a member and how it could generate a decent income for me.

Some people would argue that money should not be the main focus in starting an online business. I’ve heard people say that if you put in the effort and the hours, the money will come ultimately. Sure. But to me, the money is an indication of whether I AM doing the right thing. And at the start of my venture into the online business world, Chris Farrell membership was the only one that gave me the returns.

What Chris Farrell Membership Offer?

The main idea behind the training in Chris Farrell membership is that your websites will be the platform where people learn about the products/services you have to offer. This type of business targets those buyers who use search engines to look up products they intend to buy or learn about.

chris farrell reviewThe membership site basically offers training on starting an online business and the site’s target audience is mainly newbies to this business. So the site covers issues such as starting your online business, finding niches, creating your website, marketing your products and finding targeted audience for the products you are promoting. It also covers creation of one’s own product for those interested to sell their own over being an affiliate marketer (selling other people’s products).

What’s appealing about the training is that it is delivered in easy-to-understand videos. This is great for newbies as most would be overwhelmed with too much information that’s available on the Internet. Chris Farrell membership site breaks it down for them into smaller, bite-size information that they can digest and execute at a pace that they are comfortable with.

How I Make Money With Chris Farrell Membership Website?

Most of the Chris Farrell review that I found online spoke about the benefits of the membership site. I could hardly find any that spoke negatively of Chris Farrell. For newbies, particularly, that was a place to go to get your online business started. So without much hesitation, I joined.

But let me be honest.

When I first joined, I didn’t realize that starting an online business requires a considerable amount of work and of course time. I mean there were training videos to watch, websites to create, content to write for the websites and then marketing your products.

I didn’t expect that much work to be done because I think I had the misconception that success in online business is instant. Perhaps I was duped into believing such by those self-proclaimed Internet gurus that promote their programs, showing their gigantic homes and flashy cars. I’m embarrassed to say this but I thought then that I can’t be far from being in their position with those luxury things that money can buy.

But now, I realize that’s a myth, as long as I’m not ready to put in the hours and the commitment to learn.

So I put in the hours, creating my sites on online business and household products as a start. I researched on the products I wanted to promote and wrote content for the sites. Then I monitored.

First month : My income =$0

Second month : My income = $0

Third month : My income = Still $0

To say it was disappointing was an understatement but I didn’t stop creating content for my websites. I remembered Chris Farrell himself saying in one of his videos that he didn’t achieve $250 a day until six months AFTER he started online. Nine months later, he was generating 4-figure sums a day!

OK, I wasn’t even looking into the sums generated by Chris as my goal but I needed proof that I was in the right track.

Then in the fourth month, when I logged into my Clickbank account, I was ecstatic. I had three sales and to top it off I also succeeded in selling Amazon products through my affiliate links. Yes!

Is Chris Farrell Membership Site For You ?

I guess to answer this question, simply ask yourself :

  1. Are you new to starting an online business?
  2. Do you need training on setting up websites?
  3. Do you need hosting for your websites?

The draw of Chris Farrell membership does not only lie in what the site has to offer, (which I list down below) but also his honesty and integrity in the delivery of knowledge. His detailed training and explanation of different facets of an internet business, presented in videos, makes learning a joy and understanding a breeze.

Here are some benefits you will get from CFM :

  • Exact “Copy This” BLUEPRINT – How to make $250+ online a day
  • Free hosting – for UNLIMITED number of hosting accounts (which would have cost you about $9.00/month)
  • More than 500 how-to videos on internet business
  • More than 600 articles that you can use as your marketing tool
  • Video course to drive traffic to your site

So if you are looking to start an online business but can’t decide if Chris Farrell membership is for you, I suggest that you opt for the trial at $4.95 for two weeks.

You can navigate through the site and see if the resources and Chris teaching style corroborate with your needs.