Best Free Content Curation Tools

I was reading something the other day and was struck by a social media user who advises against buying Twitter followers.

I’m with him.

In my previous post on how to get Twitter followers fast and free, I highlighted some of the tools I used or came across. Some of them have truly served their purpose of increasing my followers.

Although my Twitter followers have gone up and down, it doesn’t matter to me because that is to be expected as I continuously sieve through my targeted audience – following those whom I feel would be interested in what I have to offer and unfollowing those who may not be. Likewise, my followers are doing the same to me.

What Next?

In using social media, as we gain targeted audience, the next step would be how we can serve their needs better. After all, I have established that – blogging, having a website, is about providing value to my audience.

A way to give value is through providing relevant content. But the challenge is how do you continuosly come up with content?

What Do You Serve Your Audience?

The content I provide usually revolves around a particular theme on a daily basis. For instance, one day I could be putting up posts related to social media and on another, something on traffic generation – but all things within my Internet marketing niche.

To do this, I try my best to always be updated of happenings in the industry that would help to increase my awareness, which I then pass on to my audience, in the hope of increasing their engagement.

I continuously do research within my niche, to get updates on the different aspects of the business.

Curating content can be time-consuming in itself. And the most important question is – where do you look?

Best Content Curation Tools

I use various content curation tools but have come to like :

Content curation is gaining more importance these days as it serves to provide insights on what’s happening in a chosen niche, giving you ideas on what your next website topic or social media post is going to be.

We all know Google loves content and in order to provide value to your audience, you’ve got to be abreast with the latest buzz in your niche.

I can vouch that using content curation tools has really improved my listening strategy with issues related to my niche and provided me a flow of ideas on what I want to include in my blog.

Have You Used Any?

If you haven’t used any content curation tool before, you can always start with the ones I included above as there are free options in each.

But if you are using other tools, I would love to know what you have to say about them. Feel free to leave your comments below!


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