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What is Affilorama Blueprint
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I signed up for the program so that I could do this Affilorama Blueprint review from a genuine member’s perspective. I wanted to find out exactly what the program has to offer as I feel I would be able to do a comprehensive review if I have access to the resources within.

But before we get into what Affilorama Blueprint (or Affiloblueprint) is about and my opinion on it, I want to talk a little about Affilorama itself because Affilorama is the big umbrella that houses affiliate marketing-related products, including Affiloblueprint.

What is the Affilorama?

Affilorama is created by successful Internet marketer Mark Ling. It is free to join and comprises article and video resources that explains the basics of affiliate marketing. The information covers issues such as how affiliate marketing works, researching niches, finding affiliate programs to join, how to set up and monetize affiliate sites, filling your websites with relevant content and how to get visitors.

What is the Affilorama

I know I said earlier that Affilorama is free to join but there is a Premium version that costs $1 for seven days and $67 per month thereafter. The Premium version offers :

  • Monthly web-magazine which covers a particular sub-topic of affiliate marketing in comprehensive detail.
  • Monthly webinars and interviews with super affiliates and web millionaires
  • Affilotools
  • PLR  articles for your website(s)
  • Hosting for 15 separate domains

Besides Affiloblueprint, Affilorama also offer products, Affilotools and AffiloJetpack.

What is the affilorama


Affilotools is essentially designed to provide a ‘health check’ for your website as it tracks the site’s performance in terms of search rankings, social media, revenue and traffic. The tool also helps you identify keyword(s) in your website that is working for you. The Link Finder within the tool identifies high-quality websites within your niche. This information is incorproated to help in your efforts to build backlinks to your website.

Both Affilorama free and Premium memberships include Affilotools. However,  free members of Affilorama get the limited version of this tool.


AffiloJetpack is a selection of done-for-you WordPress-based affiliate websites that also include one year of free hosting. Priced at $997, it provides 18 niches from which members are allowed to choose five. The whole point in the creation of AffiloJetpack is to enable Internet marketers (both new and seasoned, as claimed by its creators) to have an edge in their online business. With most of the work related to website-building (such as WP theme selection, header graphics, content, newsletters and emails) already provided, a marketer just needs to channel most of his efforts on generating traffic, the training of which is provided in Affilojetpack.

What is Affilorama Blueprint?

The third part of Affilorama that I wish to discuss here is Affilorama Blueprint, which is a training course that will guide you through setting up an affiliate marketing business in 12 weeks. It comprises a series of videos that take you to identifying suitable niches, keyword research, website building, search engine optimization and getting traffic.

As with other programs by other marketers, Affilorama Blueprint is promoted as the exact system used by Mark in setting up his online business.

The lessons are spread over 90 videos. Weekly homework is assigned to members as a way to help them focus and track their progress. Training on PPC is included for those who want to bring their businesses up a notch. Going for $197, Affiloblueprint offers :

What is Affilorama Blueprint

My Thoughts …

I don’t know about you but as I explored Affilorama, I thought dividing the resources – Affilotools, Affilojetpack and Affiloblueprint and having separate charges can be confusing.

If you look at what’s offered when you purchase the Affiloblueprint (above), you would be getting a one-month trial of Affilorama Premium.

My first reaction is this :

  1. Hosting

    If I were a new marketer, I would be in a dilemma as to whether I would need the Affilorama Premium at all after purchasing Affiloblueprint. You see, I would get only one year of free hosting, if I go for the Affiloblueprint. Affilorama Premium (monthly charges of $67 applies) is the one that offers hosting for up to 15 domains. So if I don’t go for the Affilorama Premium, then my website gets only a year of hosting and I would have to think about my website’s hosting after the first year.

  2. Product Options and Upsells

    For all the benefits of online business training and marketing resources offered in individual Affilorama products, I find providing only certain features in one product (and not others) may not make it easy for a marketer, especially newbies. Decision as to which product to choose would be difficult for a newbie and the costs incurred can add up if you go for the Affiloblueprint (mainly online business training courses) and the Affilorama Premium (for hosting).

The 12-week Claim

Affiloblueprint’s claim is to take you to setting up an online business in 12 weeks. This can of course be done but marketers must be made to understand that setting up the business is NOT equal to generating income in that same period. Getting visitors and getting your offers to convert take time and can be a challenge.

Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers similar training on affiliate marketing as Affilorama. Having seen both, I choose Wealthy Affiliate for the lack of fuss in terms of choice of products offered. In Wealthy Affiliate, you either go for free or Premium memberships. It’s clear-cut.

Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate

As a Premium member, you would get the necessary training plus hosting of unlimited websites. There’s a free keyword tool thrown in – important for SEO marketing.

For someone who is looking to start an online business, particularly in affiliate marketing, there’s no need to ponder on which products to choose. You just have to make a decision between free and Premium. And I believe that many Wealthy Affiliate members join the free membership and subscribe to Premium later for the value that WA brings.

For my take on Wealthy Afiliate, I’ve written an article here.

If you have any encounters with Affilorama or other similar programs,
I’d love to hear about it.
Why not leave your comments below – feel free to share!


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