Affiliate Titan 2.0 Review – Was I Duped?

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Pros: A good guide on newly-launched products in Clickbank and JV Zoo, regardless of the niches you are in.

Cons: The information on newly-launched products are limited to only CB and JV Zoo networks.

Recommendation: A good guide to have if you promote products from CB and JV Zoo. I can imagine Affiliate Titan benefiting affiliate marketers who already have substantial subscribers in their list as all they have to do is blast an email to this list, promoting the chosen products.

This isn’t the first time that I bought a product from Chris (I’ve never really known his last name), the creator of Affiliate Titan 2.0.

He’s known too for training products such as Video Titan which focuses on methods of marketing T-shirts using Facebook ads.

In this Affiliate Titan review, I’ll share my experience on the product, starting with what it has to offer.


What is Affiliate Titan 2.0?

As the name suggests, Affiliate Titan 2.0 is aimed at easing the work of affiliate marketers in that the system provides information on upcoming launches in Clickbank and JV Zoo.

Staying Ahead of Your Competition

The objective of Affiliate Titan is to give the affiliate marketer an edge – ahead of his competition when it comes to promoting Clickbank or JV Zoo products. Armed with this knowledge, a marketer can potentially make thousands per month promoting products from the two networks, so claims the product creator.

Affiliate Titan 2.0 Review

Affiliate Titan 2.0 Review


As you can see from the image above, there are several features in the product : Launch Pulse, CB 100, King of the Zoo and 1 Click Affiliate which are aimed at identifying latest products an affiliate can promote.

CB 100

The CB 100 allows you to filter affiliate products (from Clickbank) in various niches including checking them by gravity and commissions given to affiliates. (The higher the gravity, the more popular the product is as more affiliates make sales with them)

What’s interesting about this feature is its ability to tell you if the sales of a particular product is propelled by vendor or affiliate sales. Check on “Affiliates refer 90% > of sales” and you would be given the list of products which affiliates have made more sales in than the products’ vendors themselves.

Affiliate Titan CB 100

King of the Zoo

This app allows you to monitor products in JV Zoo such as :

  • Popularity
  • Price
  • Number of products sold
  • Conversions
  • Earnings per click (EPC)

From this app, you can directly request a vendor for approval to promote a chosen product just by clicking on ‘Request’.

Affiliate Titan 2.0 King of the Zoo

1 Click Affiliate

The 1 Click Affiliate feature requires email and password which will be provided in a separate email after your purchase. It’s function is to help in creating sales copy promoting your chosen products.

Affiliate Titan 1 Click

Essentially, the app will generate content for sales or landing pages. You just feed in some words like I’ve done above and the system will fetch some ideas that you can use in your pages.

However, bear in mind that the system is not idiot-proof and would come up with some nonsensical or grammatically-incorrect string of sentences. Regardless, I thought this could be useful if you really ran out of ideas on what to put in your sales copies.

Launch Pulse

You might have noticed that this app is placed first in Affiliate Titan 2.0 page but I’ve chosen to place it last in my explanation here.

The reason is it’s the most puzzling feature as far as I’m concerned because when I clicked on it, I was brought to the Launch Pulse page. Like the 1 Click Affiliate app, it requires email and password.

So I tried logging in using the same 1 Click Affiliate password. Instead of bringing me to Launch Pulse page, it brought me to 1 Click Affiliate. Strange, right?

So I contacted ‘Support’ only to be told I had purchased another version of Affiliate Titan and that I need to buy Affiliate Titan 2.0 in order to gain access.


I HAVE the version 2.0 – how many versions 2.0 are there?


My Final Take

To be objective, there are features in Affiliate Titan 2.0 that CAN be useful to affiliate marketers wanting to get an edge over others in terms of promoting newly-launched products.

However, the knowledge is restricted to those promoting CB or JV Zoo products.

Although I have respect for the product creator, Chris, whom I learnt T-shirt marketing from, my confidence in him was shaken with my experience in the Launch Pulse feature.

But since the main feature of Launch Pulse is information on competition in Youtube and Google, it’s not such a big issue to me because I can always use one of my keyword tools to check on the competition.

Who Stand to Benefit?

Although you can get information (from the Launch Pulse feature) on products to be launched in the next 30 days (with indication of the products’ competition in Youtube & Google), people who are really going to benefit from this knowledge are marketers who already have a substantial number of subscribers in their list.

Objectively though, Affiliate Titan 2.0 can be a good guide if you are into promoting products from Clickbank and/or JV Zoo.

In my opinion, it gives you the ability to select products you want to promote. But this is just part of what it takes to make money online. Marketing and promoting is another big part of having an online business that requires time and effort to learn … AND build.

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