How to Use Social Media to Promote a Business?

It’s a must these days to use social media to promote your business, large or small, because it’s the fastest way to get word around, particularly if you have a large following.

Hardly do you come across content or images online that doesn’t have social media buttons to make it easy for readers to share.

how to use social media to promote a businessWhile there are many social media platforms that allow you to share updates/promotions on your business, my upcoming posts will focus on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter because these are the ones I use most often and have seen results, both good and not so great.

How to Use Facebook to Promote a Business?

Personally, I would not promote my business, products or services under my personal account. My ‘friends’ in Facebook are relatives, acquaintances and people who are not necessarily into Internet business or marketing. I don’t promote to them simply because they are not my target group.

It’s best to create an FB page related to your niche if you want to promote your business in Facebook, either through free or paid means. It’s a way to build your brand as well.

So if you want to use Facebook in your marketing, start by creating an FB page.

Advertise in Facebook for Free

The way to promote your business in Facebook for free is by joining relevant FB groups, made up of a community that would be interested in what you have to offer. However,  joining just two or three relevant groups would not suffice. Promoting in FB this way would require you to join 20 to 30 groups before you expect to see results. It’s really a numbers game and you would need to share your posts multiple times per day.

The Good and The Bad

I know what you’re saying. It’s a tedious process and looking to join a relevant group can sometimes be discouraging as you find that some are ‘closed’ groups, meaning that you would have to wait for approval from the group’s administrator before you get accepted.

FB Group

In addition, you would also want to ensure that the group is ‘active’ by checking if there are any activities/communication within the group in the last few hours. There isn’t any point in posting on FB groups’ pages which don’t have engaged members or which are no longer active.

As stated above, you would want to post two or three times a day to those groups to ensure that you cover a wider audience.

The good thing about this kind of promotion in Facebook is that it’s free, although I do agree that it can be time-consuming.

But hey, in promoting any business online,
you either pay for it through time or $$$, right?

To save some time, I would create images related to my promotions which I then post in the various groups. Images can be created using tools like Canva which I then upload to Pic Direct (a software by Robert Mercado).

Using Pic Direct, I then link the created image directly to my offers or a website post and thereafter, share it in FB groups, as well as Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest or Twitter (depending on the offers).

It would look something like this :

Pic Direct Robert Mercado

The next question is … Does Facebook allow you to directly link the images (posted in FB groups) to an affiliate link.

Well, I’ve had no problems so far but to provide value to the audience, I would prefer to link the images to a post which explains more about the service or product. It’s a means of providing a review to the audience to help them decide if the product/service is for them.

Take Note …

I would say there are generally three types of groups in Facebook :

  1. The ones that allow you to post on their timeline (mainly the marketing-related groups)
  2. The ones that requires approval before your post is published
  3. The ones that totally forbid you from posting in their timeline on any promotions/offers

Depending on the group you’re targeting, you need to pay attention to the timing of your posting. For instance, if you are in Asia but targeting audience in the United States, then you must estimate the timing of the posting such that the audience would most likely see it in their feed, and not when they’re asleep!

Once you have chosen the group you wish to promote to, it’s best that you post more than once a day to ensure that your post is seen by more group members.

(Pic Direct helps you cut down the amount of time you spend on posting in the various groups. But it does not have the feature to automate the timing of your posting)

Paid Facebook Advertising

You can get more targeted audience with paid FB advertising because you can target by location, age, gender, interests, etc.

Before you use Facebook’s ‘Create Ads’, you create a post within your FB page, pointing to the relevant link you want your audience to check out. I usually use ‘Post Engagement’ in my FB paid ads.

How to use facebook to promote your business


From the above diagram, the right of the screen would show you the estimated number of audience you are targeting, based on the interest groups you’ve selected. You might want to start small, say 50,000 people and set a budget of $5 per day.

The Good and The Bad

You get to target your audience but paid FB advertising requires you to closely monitor your campaigns. As you reach your set budget, you might want to decide if a campaign is worth pursuing.

FB LikeMost often, you would garner more ‘Likes’ on a post than actual sales. Having said that however, having ‘Likes’ especially with some ‘Shares’ indicate that people are interested in your offers.

In that case, you might want to run the campaign for another day or so, depending on the budget you are comfortable with.

Alternatively, you could post a bonus related to your promotion that would entice people to take up your offer(s).

Here is an example of how I use paid
FB ads in T-shirt selling


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