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My name is Zailinah. I started this site initially to chronicle my journey into the T-shirt online business. Then I thought, online T-shirt marketing forms just a part of what I do online, so why not share other aspects of my online adventure?

But Why Online Business?

Rather than talk about the cliche of starting an online business for the reason that I don’t want to be in a rut of a nine-to-five job, my other reason is that I think it’s great to be able to work anywhere in the world (with a laptop and Internet connection, of course!).

The laptop lifestyle allows you to combine both holiday AND work. Cool! No bosses. Deadlines? Well, you set your own.

Dabbling Online

I would be lying if I said that dabbling online is new to me. I began my serious search for online business ideas since 2014. I tried surveys, network marketing and was making money here and there but none really stuck or really appealed to me.

I was looking for something more sustainable – something I can do in the longer term.

I want a business (and not just be a part of some fly-by-night program). But I’m not equipped to start one. I need to learn the relevant skills to start and grow my business.

So the search began but in the sea of massive information online, things looked overwhelming. I then set myself the following criteria to enable me to sieve through the best training on online business from the bad ones :

  • Training which is easy to follow towards starting an online business
  • Training that lets me start free (to enable you to find your way around, test it and determine if it works for you)
  • Training that enables me to earn while I learn
  • Created by individuals who have been successful doing what they do online
  • Delivered by individuals who are genuinely interested to educate others in creating and growing an online business
  • Provide reliable support

Baby Steps in the Web

I first found  Chris Farrell Membership (CFM) and since it fits most of the criteria I set above, I joined it. With hosting covered, I started building my first websites.

I was worried at first because here I am telling myself that I want to start my own online business but have nothing to offer. I mean I’m never into ‘artsy-crafty’ stuff and could never make anything that I imagine others would want to buy. Baking? Hopeless!

Thank goodness, there’s a solution – Affiliate Marketing – perfect for me with no products of my own. I just needed to find somebody else’s products, try them (whenever feasible) and then promote them if I find they can bring benefits to others.

I then created this website to capture my experiences with digital products (related to online business) and share what works (and what don’t) for me.

It’s never my intention to make this platform for my ramblings but if at any point, I sound like I AM rambling … then my apologies!

OK now, before it slips my mind,  if you are into an online business or planning to start one, why not get connected with me at :

065 Twitter : https://twitter.com/zailinah_safiee

065 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/zailinahsafie

065 Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+ZailinahSafiee

065 Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/zailinah/

065 LinkedIn : LinkedIn.com

Then Something Else Came Along …

It was sometime later that I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and have never looked back since.

If you are thinking :

Why join CFM and WA? Don’t they serve the same purpose?

CFM and WA serving the same purpose? Well, you can say yes, because they are both targeted at providing training to those who want to start their own online business.

As I said in my criteria above, I also look for reliable support when I select a product/program. And that is exactly what I get from Wealthy Affiliate (affectionately known as WA) – not only from the support team but also the community of like-minded people.

So I am thankful to be part of this community – a constant drive which gives me that boost – something I didn’t have much previously.

>> Check Out The Community I’m a Part Of <<

So that’s me and my online journey … in a tiny (very tiny) nutshell. Feel free to browse around – make use of the SEARCH feature – it just makes things easier, you know.

Leave me your thoughts or comments, if any of the topics strikes a chord with you.

Or should there be anything that you’d like to have a chat on, you can always find me in any of the social media platforms above. Just to let you know though, I’m more active in Twitter.



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