3 Minute Commissions by Billy Darr – A Bold Claim?

3-minute Commission Review
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Video training is easy to understand

Method of posting offers in your FB timeline account may not be well-received. It might be appropriate if you are already an authority in your niche.

What got me curious about the 3 Minute Commissions (by Billy Darr, Zain Waseem, Justin Opay) is the name of the product itself.

I understood that it is an online marketing course that supposedly reveals how an Internet marketer can make fast commissions using the methods taught in the video course. What could be enticing to unsuspecting potential buyers of this product is that you don’t need to have a website, an e-mail list or knowledge of advanced Internet marketing to be able to reap commissions from your affiliate offers.

But what exactly does the course entail and is the claim by the product creators – that you can make money putting a 3-minute work (without having a website or email list) possible?

3 minute commissions billy darr review

What Exactly is the Proposed Marketing Method?

As a marketer, I’m of course interested in the methods I can use to promote my offers. And the faster such methods can bring in desired results, is of course the better.

The 3-minute Commissions course is actually about using Facebook to promote your offers for free.

It covers the creation of your FB account for your chosen niche, identifying and including targeted people to be your friends (and eventually potential buyers) and optimizing your posts to promote your offers.

What Kind of Content Do You Post to Grab Attention?

The 3-minute Commissions system involves creating your account and then posting your offers in the timeline of the account you created (as opposed to what I usually do in Facebook, i.e., posting my offers in a niche FB group). 

Before you can do this however, you need to make friends with people who might be interested in your niche. The recommended way to do this is to check on availability of FB groups related to your niche and then joining those groups.

If you are accepted into the groups, then you can explore the group further and identify people who might be interested in your offers. Send these people friend requests so that once they are your friends, they would be able to see the offers you posted in your timeline (shown later in their feed).

Relevant content is key in your post. And Darr’s suggestion is that you post something that addresses a problem in your niche, something that would benefit and resonate well with your audience. For instance, in the weight loss niche, you might want to post something related to “losing stubborn fats around the thighs” rather than just “losing weight” and target your post at ladies above 40.

It is also recommended that you offer a free bonus to gain trust from your audience.

Problems with this methodp_039

  1. The method can be time-consuming if you follow the recommendation of joining about 15 groups and befriending 30-40 people a day
  2. Contrary to what the the course claims – that 3-minute work is all that’s necessary, crafting posts that grab attention, simultaneously tugging at problems people face would require more thought and time.
  3. You got to carefully choose the people you want to send friend requests to. You need to go into their profile to at least gauge that they might be interested in your offers before you send your friend request. The reason is some of these people may be marketers themselves who might not be interested in your offers, but are more inclined to promote their own products or services.
  4. You might end up with ‘likes’ to your offers rather than real sales.
  5. The method is nothing new. In addition, you don’t need to get the 3-minute Commission product to learn how to market in Facebook as shown in the course. Search Youtube and you would find various videos teaching similar technique.

Final Take

In a nutshell, the course aims to teach how to make money online through affiliate marketing – with only ONE type of marketing strategy covered. There is an attempt to teach marketers how to find affiliate offers but this is of course not comprehensive.

Overall, the content of the course – joining relevant niche groups, promoting offers with free giveaways is really nothing new.

The method taught in 3-minute Commission is certainly valid and can be used as one of your marketing strategies. However, to say that the work (even posting in your FB timeline) can be executed in 3 minutes is really far-fetched.


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